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  1. The ending of this song is an emotonial climax, damn.
  2. Oh. I was just listening to "Beacons" two days ago and was like: "Man, I can't wait to hear some new Cloudkicker". I guess today is the day!!
  3. Thank you! Can't wait for the album release and I'm glad I contributed to the campaign.
  4. Oh yeah baby! I was scared it was a 128Kbps and I had to retrain myself to listen to it. Let the headbanging began!
  5. I really liked their previous album, Venus. Let see how this one compare to it.
  6. Mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson at the Grid montreal (Beyond Creation, Shadow Of Intent).
  7. Thank you, this sound very promising. I really liked the groovy part "à la" Tesseract. Great album overall.
  8. Richard Henshall is the guitarist of Haken so i already know this is gonna be good!
  9. My personnal favourite was: Auras - Binary Garden
  10. I think this is a really nice album if you like Sludgy/Progressive Metal. Some may be a bit drag down by the interludes, but for my part, I dig the concept and haven't heard anything quite like this before (the western part of it).
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