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  1. Ready to get my full portion of POTATOES!
  2. Truly impressed by the Production/Mixing/Mastering job on this album. I don't think I've personally heard a Tech Death album of the modern era with a digital master that dynamic in a long long time it's really refreshing.
  3. 1- Luna's Call, Void. 2- Black Crown Initiate, Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape. 3- Tigran Hamasyan ‎– The Call Within. My album of July was Haken but I missed the boat.
  4. Nice album that gives you the "Old School Death Metal" feels that Cynic had on "Focus" but for today's standards.
  5. Highly recommend this album. Fans of old "Opeth" will be pleased.
  6. If you liked last year: Auras - Binary Garden, you should check this one. Insane grooves.
  7. I only have listened to this album two times so far, but I highly recommend it if you are a fan of old The Contortionist, The World Is Quiet Here, Mapmaker, Aristeia or bands in the same vein. I'm personally always in search of bands like this, but they do not come too often.
  8. Always liked your uploads and I think you have great taste in music that come similar to mine. Your work was appreciated since you made a fuckload of upload and also adding the Flac when possible to almost all content was very appreciated from my part.
  9. I haven't checked any of the singles not to be spoiled and man, this feel like I have been waiting so long for it to be released.
  10. Thank you for the update! Finally, this album is "officially" released after like 3 delays.
  11. 1- Protest the Hero, Palimpsest 2- Carach Angren, Franckensteina Strataemontanus 3- Descend, The Deviant 4- Covet, Technicolor 5- Currents, The Way It Ends
  12. Really nice cover, the artist (Eliran Kantor) got a really recognisable style.
  13. Another great album from the Canadian masters of progressive metal. It’s true that the guitar solos are less present than before, but I don’t think it devalues the album in any way. It's a good mix between the original sound of the group starting from "Kezia" until the last official album "Volition" which makes an offer that branches perfectly as an extension of the discography of the group for me. The rhythm section is very interesting as usual and the choruses are easy to remember and satisfying to listen to again and again. Very epic and the melodic side added by the orchestration completes the whole. I didn't know before the release of this album, but the singer had to relearn his art for this album due to exhaustion during the "Fortress" tour. This gives, in my opinion, a very particular flavor to the vocal, which will probably not be present on any other album of the group. In short, an excellent album and the "American-Western" concept or I don't really know what is really well done.
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