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  1. What a nice surprise for the weekend. Thank you very much!
  2. Nice symphonic elements through the album. It's sad that they lost the keyboard player.
  3. Can't wait!!!! I have a feeling that this one gonna be special. Nobody does it like them!
  4. Love this man's music. Support him if you can, he really deserves it! His musical evolution through the years have been a joy to watch.
  5. Yesterday Insomnium, today this. Nice!
  6. Love the album. So much melody and feeling all over it.
  7. Very, very nice debut right there. Last time a Metalcore band surprised me like this was Currents in 2017 with their debut as well. The clean remind me of Phil from I Am Abomination from time to time, which is a serious plus for me.
  8. For me, the album delivered in every way possible. I hope it did for you too.
  9. Nice to see that one posted here.
  10. The bass was completely redone on this one also. Conclusion after 1 listen: I don't know how I feel about the removal of the growl which were important to me. This new mix is very nice nonetheless, even if the original album mix still holds up.
  11. Time to throw my head in the wall in 5/24!!!!
  12. Thank you very much for the Flac versions!
  13. One of my favourite album, so much style packed into one album.
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