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  1. I am so glad we finally got the new album as a trio. If you like "Lux Terminus" or last year "Patience" by "Clément Belio", I highly suggest the album "Mockroot" and "Shadow Theater" by him. This dude is basically your favourite musician's favorite musician.
  2. I like it! The album reminds me a lot of "Planetary Duality" by "The Faceless". They managed to take the crazy fast part of that influence and made a whole album about it. A small numbers of the riffs are kind of similar but I don't mind it too much since for me it sound like a love letter to the band.
  3. In Contact was incredible can't wait to listen to this!
  4. Thank for checking the files. When I received the thing I was like "Nice, its a Wav 24/48". Well, I was wrong ha-ha. I guess this is all they have and the guitarist is having the legit files like you guys said. Anyways, I am happy this is finally seeing the light of day.
  5. Was an awesome month indeed! 1, Ulcerate - Stare into Death and Be Still 2, I Am Abomination - Passion Of The Heist II 3, Symbolik - Emergence 4, Embodiment - Palingenesis
  6. This album brings me way back. Still remember hearing "If You Want to Blame Us for Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song!" and going nuts with the gun breakdown ha-ha. Good times.
  7. Thank you for the post! This is an album that goes by pretty quickly and is easy to listen multiple times. It reminds me of bands like: Alustrium, The Black Dahlia Murder and Alterbeast with the Deathcore side as a plus! It's also more dynamic than the regular for the genre which is pretty welcome for me. Anyways, this slap!
  8. I took my sweet time with this one as Igorrr is in a very special place for me. Igorrr continue his creative vision with his second album as a full band. Even if the early day's of Gautier Serre we're mostly as a "One mind band", we now have the confirmation that his ideas are better confirmed by a group of individual. The musical attribute that made the success of Igorrr are still there, but the vision is more focussed and presented with this controlled "chaos". The use of unorthodox instruments (qanun, oud) compliment the album as well with the already known attribute presented in previous release (Screaming, Opera, accordion, baroque, etc). This album is very coherent and complementary with the rest of Igorrr discography and reenforce his place as a very unique metal producer and talented individual. Thy Catafalque and Igorrr are going to be my Avante-Garde Metal duo this year for sure.
  9. I love the relation between the guitar on this album and how they complete each other. It makes the left, right channel so much more compelling. For me, Ulcerate found the perfect sweet spot between melody and brutality.
  10. This is how you do a successful crowdfunding campaign. Take note *cough *cough Corelia.
  11. 1) Igorrr - Spirituality and Distortion 2) Arise in Stability - Dose Again 3) Viscera - Obsidian
  12. Nice! This single feature Casey Sabol (Periphery long time ago) on vocal and Matt Garstka (Animal As Leaders) on drum. JIA is Jacob Umansky (bass), Ivan Chopik (guitars), and Alan Hankers (keyboards). These three talented dudes are in Painted In Exile current line-up and Jacob play bass for Intervals also. I hope they drop a full length one day and It's nice to hear Casey Sabol on something new!
  13. Here my attempt, bringing it to 10 was rather difficult. August Burns Red Circle of Contempt Currents Elitist Erra Misery Signals Northlane Of Glaciers The Eyes of a Traitor Veil of Maya
  14. Thank you for the early post! @pudhead Thank you for making me aware of the joint Stereo thingy I didn't know about that!
  15. Finally i can listen to it!! Had a hard time forcing myself not to do so.
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