Deftones has leaked -- however, at the request of a significant member of the fan community, Kingdom Leaks has decided not to aid in its spread until Thursday morning EDT. What you do with that is up to you, but please don't be asking us for links or publicly aid others in finding it on this website.



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  1. Wow I was actually expecting some dc not metalcore electrica
  2. Needs anew download t link plz
  3. No it's the lead vocals of heart in hand buddy
  4. They are more of a deathcore/beat down bro not metalcore lmfao
  5. Were the hell did y'all get nu metalcore Lmfao it's downtempoed deathcore I have there first do I pulling for these guys
  6. There isn't a bad song on this whole album amazing
  7. Amazing album super dark I feel this genre should be updated to blackened deathcore so dark lol
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