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  1. Can I get the following singles in 320 please?: Salvation Gone Thanks!
  2. Can I get the following release by Pavilions in 320 please?: Thanks!
  3. Can I please get Vespera's single Obsidian Dreams in 320?
  4. This is such a sick Depeche Mode cover. Thanks for sharing!
  5. @She Stabs Deep Into Me Yeah, I know. I was half sleep when I started the request and by the time I realized that I spelled the name wrong it was too late and I passed out lol Thanks for the link as usual man
  6. Can I get Harp & Lyre's self-titled EP in 320 please?: (for album/tracklist reference) Thanks!
  7. @She Stabs Deep Into Me for sure and as usual.. Thanks man!
  8. @She Stabs Deep Into Me You're the man, always coming through with the goods! haha
  9. Tracklist: 1. Cheyenne (4:35) 2. Now That We're Waiting (3:00) <---Missing track 3. Woe the Unrepentant Cities (1:45) 4. The Relentless (4:11) 5. The Gunslinger (4:36) 6. Amour Propre (2:57)
  10. Can I get Settle the Sky's Now That We're Waiting - EP in 320 please?: Thanks!
  11. Can I get the following Shreddy Krueger releases in 320 please?: The Grieving (Reissue) Deeper Darker My Hero - Single This Could Be Anywhere In the World - Single Thanks!
  12. Can I get the following releases from The Mirage Theory in 320 please?: Origins - EP Leaving Our Hearts & Minds - Single Thanks!
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