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  1. This is such a sick Depeche Mode cover. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I just noticed this but track 4 is missing from the post's tracklist and in the download folder
  3. Busan coming in with that heavy, unholy hell! haha Thanks for sharing these guys
  4. This is awesome and hilarious. Good job fellas lol
  5. I put a request in for this like two days ago I believe if that counts lol
  6. who's the guest feature on this EP?
  7. This album was the soundtrack to my Warzone wins today. Banger from start to finish, thank you for the leak!
  8. Anybody know what band Josh Hardiman is from (If they are in one that is)?
  9. Anybody know what bands the features are from if from any?
  10. Ooooooooo, I really like these guys and this release. Anybody know what band Matthew McDougal is from if he's from a band that is?
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