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  1. Saw these guys two days ago. Super awesome live! Thanks for the upload!
  2. They have two tracks that didn't make the original release up on soundcloud for free download for those who are interested
  3. Okay... and I personally didn't and don't want to take my antivirus down for it. Why is me not listening to other people about a site that may or may not hurt my personal property such a big deal to you and make me pathetic? @NieR:Automata™
  4. @NieR:Automata™ What's really pathetic is somebody chiming into a convo that has nothing to do with them just to start stir the pot
  5. @Dust of Pain I know you're telling me it's safe but it's still trying to coax me into taking my virus blocker down hence me addressing you with the reply. Either way, I had previously said that I would just wait which should have just been the end of it with no more chime ins. I'm not trying to create bad blood with anyone but if you wanna take it to heart by all means -shrugs-
  6. @Dust of Pain I'm not taking my virus blocker off guys just leave well enough alone. I'll just wait for a PTL link or just not worry about having the album in 320. Thanks
  7. @Summers I rather play it safe. Both the filehosts that are up rn are the only ones that get flagged and blocked so I'm not chancing it
  8. Zippy or PTL they both seem the fastest. Also, they both seem to be the only filehosts that don't get redflagged and blocked by my virus protection when trying to download
  9. Any way to get a passtheleak download instead both the links are being red flagged and blocked for download by my virus protection
  10. It's a shame they decided to disband :c One of my favorite local bands. They're live presence was always off the charts
  11. This is my homeboy's band! Freakin' awesome seeing them being discovered and put up on here
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