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  1. 2:36 and on was filthy af and I like it. Thanks for the post!
  2. This new Empty is freakin' great! Thank you!
  3. This band feels like the love child of Fallujah and Jinjer, I can dig it! Thank you KL for always introducing me to new bands and increasing my musical library
  4. Anyone know Alex's last name from Exemption? Can't find it anywhere
  5. Solid band and EP. Thanks for sharing, definitely gonna be spinning at work for a few days
  6. That's a new one for the books lol Never been compared to him before
  7. These guys are pretty kickass. Thanks for posting
  8. Not even close. I hate Wikipedia with a burning passion
  9. It was first introduced and used for the game Gradius but became notably famous by Contra
  10. That Dark Souls track name reference 💕💕
  11. What about Jesse's return album Disarm the Descent? That record is literally a banger from front to back
  12. The boys are back and better than ever, hell yeah!! Thanks for posting!!
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