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  1. You do realize there's a good chunk of us that still buy the music, right?
  2. They're doing a subscription thing. They're funding and releasing EPs through these subscriptions and they're intended as exclusives for those subscribers. They also do live streams as they write the songs so people can see the process of coming up with them. There's a new EP each quarter released to subscribers and at the end of the 4th quarter, they release all 4 EPs as a full album available to the public.
  3. Hello, I would like these albums in mp3, 320 kbps. Thank you! • The Phanton Agony [Expanded Edition] (2003)* • The Divine Conspiracy (2007) • Design Your Universe [Bonus Track Version] (2009)* • Requiem for the Indifferent [Bonus Track Version] (2012)* • The Quantum Enigma [Bonus Track Version] (2014)* • Consign to Oblivion [Expanded Edition] (2015)* • The Holographic Principle (2016) • The Solace System EP (2017) * If bonus versions aren't possible, just the standard editions will be fine ❤️
  4. Hello, I'd like to have these Flyleaf releases in 320kbps mp3 if possible. Thank you Flyleaf - EP (2005) Flyleaf [Deluxe Edition] (2005)* Memento Mori [Expanded Version] (2009)* New Horizons (2012) *If the deluxe/expanded editions aren't possible, I'm okay with just the standard editions
  5. Hey, I'd like these albums from Emery in 320kbps mp3 if at all possible. Thank you The Weak's End (2004) The Question (2005) I'm Only A Man (2007) *Bonus Track version preferred but I'm fine with just the regular release* While Broken Hearts Prevail (2008) In Shallow Seas We Sail (2009) We Do What We Want [Deluxe Edition] (2011) *Again, if not possible, I'm fine with the regular release* You Were Never Alone (2015)
  6. Thank you so much for this, my friend! I'm not too worried about covers but if anyone can help, it is much appreciated 🙏
  7. Hey, I'd like these releases from Bayside in 320kbps mp3 if possible. Thank you in advance! Sirens and Condolences (2004) Bayside (2005) Acoustic (2006) The Walking Wounded (2007) Shudder (2008) Live at the Bayside Social Club (2008) Killing Time (2011) Covers, Vol. 1 (2011) Cult White Edition (2015) (if white edition isn't possible, the regular album is fine) Vacancy (2016)
  8. Hello! I'd like to get these albums if possible. 320kpbs is preferred but I'll take what I can get. No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical (2004) Age of Reptiles (2006) Anorexia (2008) Nervosa (2008) The Fear of God (2009) Who Can Know It? (2010) Cancer (2012)
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