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  1. I live for music like this. I am only a couple songs in, and this is already one of my top pop punk albums of the year.
  2. A little bit, but it's kind of refreshing. We haven't had much in the way of decent juvenile pop punk in recent years.
  3. I totally understand your situation. Life gets so busy. Having a wife and a daughter, days fly by and you can't even find time for a lot of things. Even half of my music sits for a week til I get quiet time lol. Go live your life and make memories! Thank you for all you've done, you deserve the break!
  4. I missed this message. I've probably only seen 2 or 3 bands sell cassettes in the last 2 or 3 years. Most packages are vinyl preorders. It definitely is more of a novelty thing if they do sell them.
  5. Define plenty, list some names if you will.
  6. He's not wrong though. Barely anyone sells cassettes these days. There isn't much of a market for them. Vinyl, digital, and cds are still the largest mediums due to quality (or convenience for digital).
  7. There is a lot of great music here though. Some of it is filler, but it is still good music. I think a lot of it really showcases both sides of Chance from his earlier mixtapes, and from his style on Coloring Book. I'd easily give it a solid 9/10. Probably my favorite rapper along with Logic (too close to call). Edit: I do wish it was ordered differently though so the styles flow into each other better. As one person posted, it can be all over the place and throw you out of the groove a little bit.
  8. The single sounds pretty good. I'll have to check them out.
  9. Thanks! Breaking out my good headphones for this! Edit: Finishing to the last track now, and it's a solid album. It isn't as personal as "We Don't Have Each Other", but there are still a good bit of personal songs. The album feels more like a reflection of the human condition and the daily struggles, highs, lows, and the desperation we feel. Everything is on point. I'd recommend it.
  10. Man, this is good. Like real good. I'm pretty blown away by how well they did.
  11. Came in here curious and this is some seriously good stuff.
  12. I'm a bit mixed on this as well. It's catchy, but basic and safe. Almost like it was made for radio or background music.
  13. I registered here just to say these guys are pretty awesome! The town they're from is an hour and a half north of me so I was shocked to see them on here! Looking forward to hearing more of them!
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