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  1. Much better than the last single, liking this quite a bit.
  2. I guess She Must Burn is done? Haven't heard or seen a thing from them since the album. fun song btw
  3. Gotta agree with "worst song they've released so far". I actually checked to see if I had it on repeat around the 4 minute mark. Also, the BMTH influence has been apparent since day 1 but in this song it's just shameless.
  4. Liking this a lot. I briefly thought the singer was screaming as well which blew my mind but 2 vocalists is cool too.
  5. Drown in Ruin is quite good. A few of these tracks are. Some backup vocals in a lower range would really round out the overall sound. It suffers where the new guy seemingly tries to pull that off on some of the more intense parts.
  6. Fuck me, this seriously could be my favorite song they've ever written. After those last 2 singles this fills me with hope.
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