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  1. So bad it hurts... I know they are soft now, but this is straight up garbage, it really hurts.
  2. And I was thinking "It doesn't get worse than this" after the last single, well this is worse. </3
  3. Another terrible single... if these are the singles, I can only imagine what's coming in the album... rip AA :c
  4. This... just don't feel like AA :c And since this is a single from the new album, you know what to expect... I'm sad. Thank god FIR just released a GOOD song in the same day, so yeah, not that sad.
  5. "Upside Down" PLEASE TELL ME THAT IT'S KELLIN QUINN, it really feels like a SWS song. Solid 9/10 for this album.
  6. This is so good, can't wait for the full album! One of the most underrated bands for sure.
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