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  1. never heard of them before but i enjoyed white noises and bad accent
  2. he's a decent artist here and there to me, but this was just a miss in my eyes
  3. favorite tracks: list & heel, desperate, stale smoke
  4. decent song. surprising lyrical context and ironic tone. hoping this leads to an album announcement
  5. never heard of these guys before i downloaded this, so for that i say thanks. the youtube video embedded had me interested so i checked it out. only 2 listens thru, yet here I opine fav tracks: android anaesthetist, retreat syndrome, owari
  6. favorite tracks are blue lips, mr radioactive, back seat driver blue lips probably the strongest
  7. THANK YOU that bassline is infectious
  8. played.....deleted that was a tough listen. they're a pop band now? not even a good pop song tom must be laughing right now
  9. never heard of these guys but the video and comments here confirm this is quality. let's give her a spin
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