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  1. ugh not excited for post-jonny slaves
  2. wasn't expecting this until tomorrow. hoping this is better than Beneath the Skin (4 years since???)
  3. @Justin.Tomodachi u do realize heroine is a female hero right?
  4. i keep coming back to face to face and evil are the kings
  5. yo this is really good. AOTM likely. need that 320 cuz there's a bad skip in one song. can't believe we got it like 2 weeks early
  6. can't wait to get home from work and download/listen to this. thanks!
  7. songs i enjoyed most were easy peasy, it's you, still won't listen also, great call @razcom
  8. monarch is the only song i enjoyed here
  9. opener "mother's daughter" is decent with signs of talent "unholy" is respectable but closer to average and ends up falling short dream, cattitude, and party up the street were utter trash and embarrassing 'the most' is more her cup of tea genre-wise, yet still not even worth it overall, this EP sucks opener is the only visitable track if you're really into her, i'd say these are the best tracks: mother's daughter, unholy, the most i wish she would realize she's closer to taylor swift than cardi b, and her identity crisis defines her downfall both personally and musically
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