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  1. Have to say that Pat and the boys have really hit the nail on the head with the singles they've put out. I love all of their discography, but honestly the last three singles they've put out have been such a mature progression of their sound and would have to be my favourite songs they've written. Don't give up your ghost has been getting me through my depression and anxiety lately. Love that song and proud of what these guys have written to share with the world and people like me who sometimes are just having a rough day and need a solid tune to see the brighter side of life. Go buy their music if you dig it and allow these guys to keep putting out music of this calibre.
  2. Christmas came early and I'm not talking about COVID-19
  3. Slave to Nothing was pure gold. I rarely see people talk about this album, is it my bias opinion or the album genuinely isn't interesting to their fan base?
  4. Any band that releases a Frog Green coloured vinyl variant is the real MVP. Would've liked maybe a plush frog 🐸though as a bonus considering it just cost me $75 AU just for 1 vinyl. I think people have been oblivious to Chad's side project called Pure Violet. Bottle it up sounds like it's straight from that project. Never liked Tame Impala and probably won't go out my way to see the comparisons but this still sounds like the band Hundredth IMO just slightly toned down. And it's solid, now go buy their shit and quit bitching 🤙
  5. Do you think he could just take a spot there anyway, I'd truly love to here about an experience/day spent at the Ram Ranch whilst being confined to a corner
  6. There's a lot of songs about Penis on here innit
  7. Still remember their split they did with The Bride like it was yesterday. Then they pumped out an absolute classic that is Divination. This style and breathe of fresh air in their sound could be a real good move to win some older fans back.
  8. Some clarity; this is Wither HC not Wither the Melbourne based Metal-core band
  9. Yo, If there's any mods or people that might see this these guys have a side band called CHIEF it's synthwave but seriously good shit. Don't sleep on it!
  10. Completely irrelevant to this particular thread but still prefer Tucks cleans over Ryan's any day in FFAK 🤷‍♂️
  11. Zach is from Left Behind, go suss them my friend
  12. These guys are no longer holdin' it down for the underground
  13. Posted on the wrong thread originally but good shit for little history behind it!
  14. Cough* Band sounds similar to I the Mighty which is chill. But fuck what a shit cunt. Who even jokes about something like that. That guy ^
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