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  1. Cough* Band sounds similar to I the Mighty which is chill. But fuck what a shit cunt. Who even jokes about something like that. That guy ^
  2. Shikari could go back to their roots a little. Don't usually knock bands but The Spark was a let down in comparison to The Mindsweep. Hope this album delivers more like that or A Flash Flood of Colour at least. Can cross my fingers but can't confirm my toes.
  3. Except they didn't. Some fucking idiot said something similar about the new Reflections sounding like Emmure. I wear hearing aids mate and even though I'm partially deaf, seems like I'll never get anywhere close to the level that you have..
  4. I wonder how many people actually know who Aaron Marshall is? What a surprise to see a band I grew up listening to go on and do collaboration with an incredibly talented musician that I now admire equally.
  5. What Ian Rees said about this Ep is really fucking nice. I remember when Tim passed away and to hear how significant this release is to him (Ian) and pure noise as a whole should be broadcasted to a wider audience then the confines of this community. Keep fighting the fight and crank music like this to bring a little bit of love back into your lives.
  6. He sounded pretty fucking pissed when he belts out 'motherfucker' in that song. That's what we want Mr Hermida!
  7. Just out of curiosity does anybody know if 'Nothing breaks like a heart's UK or US version is better?
  8. @BrickFace that's where people like myself unfamiliar with them would recognise their band name. Was a good cover.
  9. When people ask me if I'm religious I always reply with a solid YES. For I believe in Will Putney, he is my God. Thank you God.
  10. Have waited for a proper mouth froth of an album like this to come out ever since that first crazy frog cd
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