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  1. Because shutting down any form of crticism, constructive or not, totally isn't blatant censorship. Whatever the hipsterness of this site has been bugging me for a while anyways, feel free to IP ban me like the old account. Fuck this.
  2. Notice you're getting quite a bit of hate for that statement. You're right though, self promotion/covers belongs in it's own self-category. The safe space mentality isn't gonna bode well once people get out in the real world.
  3. One of the handful of actual decent Christian metal bands. But then again, that's subjective.
  4. Seems you disturbed the circlejerk "Ben."
  5. Brent just gets better and better. He doesn't age, he evolves.
  6. Like the lead vocalist's voice, but god that artwork is Tumblr calibre. Maybe I'm getting old.
  7. Never heard of these and thought they covered Stone Sour's Come What(ever) May. I was wrong but holy shit these guys are awesome. The instrumentation is good and the guy can hit some serious notes. On the songs "Burning," "Paralyzed," "Come Whatever May," and "From The Inside" you can hear the passion the lead singer has for his work. Only real complaint is that the lyrics are a bit uninspired and the harsh vocals come in very rarely. He screams on Come Whatever May and holds it for a solid 8 or 9 seconds then it goes into a crushing breakdown. Highly recommend this album.
  8. They capitalized the r in song title number 10. r/foundthemobileuser
  9. Funnily enough, this song title and this classic both describe how I feel about this band's existence.
  10. Hopefully this grows on me, kinda weak. Obligatory not like old Volbeat complaints.
  11. Be warned, sorta spoilers in song titles. Best of the three, most kickass fights in a movie in the past 10 years. Even beats The Raid. Gets better every movie somehow.
  12. It's fucking fantastic, Corey sounds sooooo fucking good. Buying from Amazon whenever it comes out!
  13. Made an alternate cover for this song because this one hurts to look at: https://imgur.com/zb1Clep Corey feature is the only reason I'll ever listen to this again, tries to be way too fucking many genres at once.
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