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  1. And the moon landing was staged!
  2. I love Blackpink but this sounds like a Ciara track, so trash.
  3. Where Demons Bore is a great track, solid album.
  4. Pooh Shiesty sounds terrible like he keeps falling off beat or something, also a bad name.
  5. Feels like they're trying to clone Ddu-du Ddu-du, which is cool i love that track and the energy in it, this doesn't quite match it but it's a fun track that i've listened to like 10 times in a row.
  6. Nice, when is some R Kelly going to get posted? hope there's a child sex offender mixtape coming soon.
  7. Thanks! didn't expect this but so keen to hear it, so much talent.
  8. God damn, i wasn't sure coming into this and only clicked because of the progressive metal tag, but this shreds hard! Name sounds like smart fire alarm though (i'm not a souls player).
  9. That track listing is incomplete too, lots of the instrumental ones are missing.
  10. Pity he has multiple child sex charges against him, fuck this guy.
  11. Hell yeah, these guys are so damn good!
  12. It's ok, but does this mean Haken isn't a thing anymore? i really enjoyed them and this just feels a bit more basic...
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