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  1. That track listing is incomplete too, lots of the instrumental ones are missing.
  2. Pity he has multiple child sex charges against him, fuck this guy.
  3. Hell yeah, these guys are so damn good!
  4. It's ok, but does this mean Haken isn't a thing anymore? i really enjoyed them and this just feels a bit more basic...
  5. Not bad, i haven't listened to her for like 4 years but this is an improvement in my opinion, little bit of a Santigold vibe going on.
  6. I tried to get it but seemed to be a limited release on Vinyl & Cassette only, i wasn't THAT keen.
  7. Fuck yeaaaa, Yeruselem definitely played a part in trialing the new sound of this album.
  8. This rocks, i haven't listened to these guys in years, used to be one of my top favs, keen for more from them.
  9. This is like a shitty throwback to 2003 popular rap, i thought it was ying yang twins at first.
  10. Better than Takeoff's, probs as good as Quavo's, i like it. Thanks!
  11. As far as depressive black metal goes, this is pretty bad, sounds like a hardcore band tried to go black metal.
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