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  1. This is such an incredible step forward instrumentally (imo). Vocally, I knew what to expect going in and I've always dug Vik, so I'm super happy everything came together for them. Probably my most anticipated release of 2020 now.
  2. This song is a fucking banger. I think this might be my AOTY if the quality keeps up like this.
  3. Haven't really been a huge fan of Northlane, never listened to their pre-Marcus stuff and wasn't big on Node. Mesmer I'd say I liked about 50% of it but it wasn't anything special. This, on the other hand, I dig. I love Industrial Metal and this is a pretty sweet blend of Industrial/Nu-Metal sounds. Kinda like a weird hybrid of Celldweller/Linkin Park with some Sybreed (RIP) mixed in. Excluding the singles, my early stand outs are 4D, Jinn, and Rift.
  4. The 320 links don't seem to be 320kbps-- looks like their V0 VBR?? Anyways, thanks! Digging it as much as TTS. Edit: Looks like the 320 was just replaced with a proper 320.
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