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  1. This song is a fucking banger. I think this might be my AOTY if the quality keeps up like this.
  2. Haven't really been a huge fan of Northlane, never listened to their pre-Marcus stuff and wasn't big on Node. Mesmer I'd say I liked about 50% of it but it wasn't anything special. This, on the other hand, I dig. I love Industrial Metal and this is a pretty sweet blend of Industrial/Nu-Metal sounds. Kinda like a weird hybrid of Celldweller/Linkin Park with some Sybreed (RIP) mixed in. Excluding the singles, my early stand outs are 4D, Jinn, and Rift.
  3. The 320 links don't seem to be 320kbps-- looks like their V0 VBR?? Anyways, thanks! Digging it as much as TTS. Edit: Looks like the 320 was just replaced with a proper 320.
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