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  1. Awesome album. I'm one of the few that thinks under the Slaves name , Beautiful Death is better . They should have changed their name before releasing Heavier resulting in a powerful debut under the new band name. Also, super huge nitpick and not sure if it's just me, but for an effective intro, it should flow better into Prayers . There is like a whole second of a pause that's annoying. Makes me appreciate bands that did the intro super well like Blessthefall's 2.0 into What's Left Of Me . I can't listen to that song without hearing the intro lol.
  2. Lol @ label cash grab. They have been fan funded for years now. That's the sickest thing for a band . Also, They are probably getting pretty good passive income from their YouTube covers. It's actually very smart because those videos always do super well. Dark Horse has 23M + views. That's freaking awesome! They literally are a gateway band into this sub genre and are very good at what they do. Super awesome dudes that deserve it all.
  3. I wouldn't complain if Diamond Dreams 2 came out. First one was pretty fresh along with this version
  4. Letttttttts Go!!! This Slaps So Hard!!! Where's the 320!??!? Am I doing this forum right guys? Every time I click on a thread, I can predict the comments.
  5. Funny you say that. I was thinking this sounds just like "A Beautiful Death" musically cause Erik touched it lol.
  6. Seriously just an edgy Fall Out Boy song.
  7. Not to be a negative Nancy but once again, why does every band have to use the "Burn It Down" song in their discography?
  8. Oh great! Seems like they are catering to the rednecks on this one .
  9. You guys ever notice that every band has to have that "Burn this city down " song in their discography ?
  10. This is surprising. Not even top 3 on my list. Thanks for the curveball KL!
  11. Did anyone get a weird Danny Worsnop vibe towards the end? Great Acoustic!!
  12. I always seem to compare this band to Sleeping With Sirens . First 2 albums were amazing . The rest is forgettable with the exception of a few sprinkle tracks over the years . Not even hyped about this release but hoping it proves me right...i mean wrong ?
  13. I guess every band has their “experimental album “
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