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  1. It really seems like with Ludens they have found a nice balance in all of their sounds, and this song solidifies that, it is a banger through and through. Super excited for the LP/EP they will probably release sometime(hopefully soon)
  2. Man, HLH used to be my favorite band, Unimagine is still in my top 5 fav albums of all time, but damn it's like they have lost all all their creatively to chase the mainstream dream and in doing so have lost their identity. out of these last 2 songs, Space is better, i like the verses and bridge, but could we get a chorus that isn't them just repeating one line like 4-5 times.
  3. holy damn this album is emotional as hell, they definitely released the more surface level songs as the singles, Kill the Ache - Better Days bring the feels. This album is definitely more atmospheric, and a little less heavy than TPIFS. You can tell the singer is a lot more confident in his cleans this time around. Some songs like Kill the Ache, Poverty of Self, and Origin took me a few listens to actually appreciate. Favorites: Let Me Leave, Split, How i Fall Apart, Second Skin
  4. So hyped, can't wait to give it a listen
  5. After first listen i can safely say this is one of the their best albums, and they have definitely pulled elements from all of them, but mostly common dreads, the spark, and mindsweeper I don't see a problem with the amount of interludey songs all of them are very shikari, and common dreads had 4 of them. this album structurally reminds me alot of common dreads. Tracks: 1. Great Unknown: great track, sounds very mindsweeper 2. Crossing the Rubicon: i don't know why everyone is saying this is low energy, the beat is super bouncy and it's catchy. this might be the poppiest song ES has made 3. Dreamers Hotel: BANGER from day 1, still slaps. 4. Waltzing: I'm super confused as to why this isn't the first track? says the title of the album and everything, and that the last song is part 2 of this song. Other than that, it has great build up, reminds me of system without the meltdown 5. modern living: on first listen, this might be my favorite, again pretty poppy, but that electronic bouncy bass beat is awesome 6. apocaholics: fun fun fun, very havoc a & b. sometimes you just gotta sit back and appreciate the weirdness of their sound. 7. pressure's on: this sounds like it came from the spark b-sides, still good very calm electro song. 8. reprise 3: Glad to see them bring back the line that started it all, really makes me think of how much of an influence common dreads was for this album. 9. T.I.N.A: one of my favs, banger from day one, this one will be fun live. i can imagine the mosh dance pit 10. Elergy: nice dip into their own form of experimentation. Definitely sounds like they did an ok job recreating their sound using classical 11. Marionettes 1: good intro track, another fun beat, they could've combined this with Marionette 2 and no one would have noticed 12. Marionettes 2: pretty much just continues pt 1 but has more umph. 13. satellites: Great track, the most mindsweeper track, just a solid electronic rock song. 14. The king: very very close to being my fav on the album. Enter shikari have such a way with interpreting heaviness with their electronics and this song showcases that perfectly. the beat at the beginning and the end goes so hard, and the verse electronics are so jarring behind rous voice. Great track 15. Waltzing pt.2: simple closer, nothing too crazy or tame, honestly underwhelming. OVerall pretty good album, going to give it a few more listens to solidify opinion, but definitely in the upper tier of ES albums. favs: Great Unknown, Rubicon, Dreamers, modern living, marionettes 2, the king, T.I.N.A least favs: Waltzing, pressure's on, Elergy rating: 8/10
  6. Great song as per usual the instrumental is verrry groovy, maybe the grooviest we have had so far this album cycle.
  7. This is really good. Definitely the heaviest single. I love the very chaotic and mad vibe it gives off
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