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  1. If you knew how much money they spent on custom vocal lessons for him while he was on the road, the constant Skype calls with his coach, and the daily hour long warmup he would do, you'd laugh. Hard. He blew them off half the time to play fucking video games. I legitimately think they're just trying to release what they have to in order to get out from under Epitaph and the HORRIBLE deal they have. Not to mention their manager (if he's still their manager) also manages I, The Mighty and is slowly driving them into the ground as well. Everything Daniel touches turns to shit.
  2. Negative. No members of the band have ever written any of the music. It's all been their producer and Keaton.
  3. These guys are all Douche Nozzles. There's a reason that 2 members quit, and they haven't toured since the Issues/Volumes/Sylar tour, which is the only tour they've done after the 2017 Warped. They're a different band now completly. Even though none of the members write their own songs. Their producer writes them and then sits down with Keaton to nail the lyric cadence's. At this point I think they're just putting out shit to get out from under their contract. Keaton is talented but he has the same ego as Kellin Quinn way back when. If they don't get a new manager, and check the ego's they may be done as a group soon, which I could only hope...
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