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  1. Always loved that post-2010 post-hardcore/metalcore sound, great stuff.
  2. I really liked the From Sheep to Wolves EP, but I'm just not feeling this.
  3. Sounds like if Shrezzers was a pop-punk band.
  4. I will forever love Zebrahead, always puts me into a good mood.
  5. No Dice's cover of I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) is fucking incredible. Sad bois time.
  6. Settle Your Scores' christmas song is great too
  7. Was waiting for this, some good ole feel good pop-punk.
  8. I'm honestly impressed by CL's ability to evolve and experiment without it sounding odd or weird and still keep their core CL sound; it feels like a natural progression that so many other bands fail at.
  9. Cleans are pretty good, I like it quite a bit; instrumentals aren't too bad either. But the screams are kind of... Bad. It sounds like somebody who lost their voice is trying to scream.
  10. Hearing Mike's screams in Arson and Time Bomb put a smile on my face. I think Better Moments will be my favorite track, very reminiscent of their old style.
  11. I really do like TSSF's new album, but what I really want is something like this - Some great, summer pop-punk tunes to jump around to.
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