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  1. The vocal mixing is a little bit weird to me, but there's definite potential here.
  2. I don't know how I should feel about the fact that 6IX9INE is the only rapper I "listen" to
  3. I fuck with it, let that aggression flow through you man.
  4. Whatever it is - be it the mixing, the autotune, audio adjustments, of Ben himself, the vocals are complete fucking garbage. The fuck was that second verse? It sounded so weird that I almost stopped listening.
  5. Denis was the best thing that happened to the band after Danny left. They felt like they enjoyed the music they were making and had fun with it; I still listen to The Black all the time and some of the tracks like "Let it Sleep" are among the best from the band, imo.
  6. I remember when WSTR released their EP in 2015(?) and everyone called them a budget Neck Deep since both vocalists sounded the same with deep, rough, raspy voices. And now they both sing in high-pitched, super clean, almost processed tones/voices. And even the instrumentals from both bands lost their "edge". It's an alright song, in fact, it would be a fantastic song by anyone but Neck Deep, considering their discography. I'll wait until more singles and the album comes out before I pass on my judgement, but if their previous album is anything to go off from, I could name all the tracks from LNOTGY, 80% of Wishful Thinking, but nothing from.... Peace and Panic? I think that was the name.
  7. Man that acoustic rendition of "Passing Through a Screen Door" is gonna hurt
  8. Is that the vocalist from In Her Own Words?
  9. Now would be a great time for Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! to make their return too. They're going on tour this March, so here's hoping.
  10. Isn't this the first time Man Overboard have recorded together for a couple years now?
  11. The Flaws In Everything is still regularly played in my rotation, can't wait to add this.
  12. Never heard of Modern Baseball? Oh man, you're missing some good ass music, Your Graduation is my (and many others) favourite track.
  13. Northbound will satisfy my Modern Baseball itch until they come back.
  14. Real talk tho did they like rip the instrumentals from Trapped by The World Alive? It's basically the same thing
  15. DId they get a new vocalist or something? My god, those screams are something else I almost don't recognize his voice. Also need more synths, not enough easycore with synths.
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