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  1. Crystal Lake x Breakdown of Sanity tour when
  2. Not personally into his stuff, but I can always respect an artist just doing whatever shit he/she wants to do without all the labels for what kind of music they have to make. Seems like he really enjoyed himself and had fun with this album so more power to ya MGK.
  3. Expectations were raised from the genre tags and the previous single; did not disappoint. It's a lot like their older tracks which I think is their best style of music. Definitely excited to hear more.
  4. Might just be me, but the intro riff reminds me of the main riff in Adams Song.
  5. What the fuck where did this come from? My man just put out a better pop-punk album/EP from a side project than most bands this year. I always wished he continued his Snarl project, but I guess he's in the mood of making more straight pop-punk.
  6. So I guess it's true that the other vocalist left the band? Ryan can definitely carry the band on his own for sure.
  7. When a rapper puts out a better pop-punk track than Neck Deep.
  8. The track in the music video is very reminiscent of metalcore from the 2010's, reminds me of Killswitch Engage in many ways.
  9. Lol yeah, I see a different person every time they release a music video, particularly the drummer. I've seen like 4 different drummers since SKRWD.
  10. I sometimes wonder if it's even the same vocalist anymore when you compare it to their EP -
  11. Good Pop-Punk song (reminds me of 5 Seconds of Summer tbh), terrible ND song.
  12. The vocal mixing is a little bit weird to me, but there's definite potential here.
  13. I don't know how I should feel about the fact that 6IX9INE is the only rapper I "listen" to
  14. I fuck with it, let that aggression flow through you man.
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