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  1. Man that acoustic rendition of "Passing Through a Screen Door" is gonna hurt
  2. Is that the vocalist from In Her Own Words?
  3. Now would be a great time for Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! to make their return too. They're going on tour this March, so here's hoping.
  4. Isn't this the first time Man Overboard have recorded together for a couple years now?
  5. The Flaws In Everything is still regularly played in my rotation, can't wait to add this.
  6. Never heard of Modern Baseball? Oh man, you're missing some good ass music, Your Graduation is my (and many others) favourite track.
  7. Northbound will satisfy my Modern Baseball itch until they come back.
  8. Real talk tho did they like rip the instrumentals from Trapped by The World Alive? It's basically the same thing
  9. DId they get a new vocalist or something? My god, those screams are something else I almost don't recognize his voice. Also need more synths, not enough easycore with synths.
  10. Ben from Neck Deep pre-The Peace and the Panic album is good, I'm not a fan of his vocal change in recent work. Dan from The Wonder Years is great as well, and just an all-round amazing band; top class in the pop-punk scene. This is just from the top of my head since I listen to so many bands.
  11. Definitely feels like a safe song to get people who have no idea who they are into them, especially considering the kind of bands/artists signed to FBR. Not too far off the kind of music ADTR makes anyway, shouldn't judge the entire album/direction they're taking from just this song.
  12. It seems that as pop-punk bands progress and become more popular, their voices become progressively higher pitched and ear-piercing.
  13. I would have loved this song if I was 13.
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