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  1. Definitely feels like a safe song to get people who have no idea who they are into them, especially considering the kind of bands/artists signed to FBR. Not too far off the kind of music ADTR makes anyway, shouldn't judge the entire album/direction they're taking from just this song.
  2. It seems that as pop-punk bands progress and become more popular, their voices become progressively higher pitched and ear-piercing.
  3. I would have loved this song if I was 13.
  4. Weird, passtheleaks link is still not working, and the nofile link is down.
  5. Love the new SImple Creatures track
  6. Bruh wut? Seriously? Better than Two-Faced Charade? Council of A Dead?
  7. Immensely underrated band. Great song. Also, isn't this more like post-hardcore rather than metalcore?
  8. Always loved that post-2010 post-hardcore/metalcore sound, great stuff.
  9. I really liked the From Sheep to Wolves EP, but I'm just not feeling this.
  10. Sounds like if Shrezzers was a pop-punk band.
  11. I will forever love Zebrahead, always puts me into a good mood.
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