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  1. Damn. Such a killer album. +1 for Missy Tique. Australia has some god-tier progressive metalcore acts.
  2. @DIMENSIONAUT IN 3D it means pitch black or black. I believe makkuro is the exact word
  3. Good stuff right here, highly recommended.
  4. Slipped onto my top 5 tech death AOTY. damn the genre is overflowing this year and also deathcore is also excellent this 2019
  5. fking overtook is the is are for my favourite diiv album. 9/10
  6. IMO this has better overall feel and songwriting over their last album. sooo fucking goood
  7. This one definitely slaps South East Asia represent🔥🔥🔥
  8. Is the Is Are is shaking the two new singles really sounds promising i love it, can't wait for the whole album to drop.
  9. One of the best modern post-hardcore albums, I'd take this over all of Woe Is Me albums.
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