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  1. Great album as always with this band, i just think "Inner Signals" is a little bit better
  2. They announced new album "Radiant Dark" released July 17th
  3. Such an amazing album ! Love it from the start to end, and "Better Days" is so emotional, AOTY for sure.
  4. Thanks but tracks 14 and 15 missing
  5. It looks like a song from Queen of the Damned soundtrack lol
  6. 100% sure album 29th May, she annouced it few days ago. https://hasitleaked.com/2020/lady-gaga-chromatica/
  7. Album release date is 29th May
  8. Best album i've ever heard since a loooong time ^^
  9. "Ghost" is the best song they ever made ! Thanks for the album.
  10. Orphan = The Heretic Anthem II ^^
  11. Really hype for this, i love the band but just 10 tracks ?...
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