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  1. at least this time around it's actually new music, and not yandhi after having jesus christ do the laundry
  2. i'm at school rn and can't listen to it. are ya'll feeling this one?
  3. yeah this fucking bangs. specially that big floyd sample
  4. charli. brooke candy is just terryifing
  5. can yall stop being creepy. you said horny shit for charli's tits on her last album, this album too (and also khelani's latest) get a gf please
  6. hahaha this kinda awful. loved the album last year but what the fuck is this????
  7. HAHAHA really thought that was shakira for a sec
  8. Complete mess of a record. Sugar Youth, Graffitia and Fire Ready Aim are the only good songs.
  9. i feel like 'those kinda nights' is what river should have been
  10. this one is SO BORING HOLY SHIT. i liked the other two a little bit, but this is just mediocre..
  11. YOOOO THIS SOUNDS AWESOME. probably one of my fav singles of the year. THE INSTRUMENTAL IS SO SICK
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