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  1. I always used to think that Razor & Tie was like the label all the hardcore bands got signed too at first, just too see if they could do the music gig/touring, full time. Just so incase the band decided it wasnt for them, so that it didnt look like T&N were signing bands that just end up breaking up or something. Then if they did good and were received well, the label blew the band up and put them on Tooth & Nail... So after reading this comment, and doing some research, im even more confused about R&T's stance as a company than i was before!? lol
  2. damn i didnt realize repost made a video for one of my tracks! badass
  3. i wonder if they called that song "thr lucid dream" just so they could maybe end upon one of the lucid dream by juice WRLD lol, to scare the bajesus outta people!
  4. on second thought, maybe that is a better idea for the musicians.... cause when they sell out like BMTH did after a while, the 4 frontwomen will be the only ones they can look at for it haha
  5. its crazy how the only members only getting credit are the 4 female vocalists.... don't get me wrong, its really REALLY good shit!but they must not realize that there part of the metal community, and a lot of that community consists of aspiring guitar players and drummers that got bored playing the same ol 4 4 chords in a song or wanted something more challenging to play. The actual musicians in the band mine as well be backstage, or they mine as well be playing to a track, cause all your getting is the looks and fashion with this band.... comments are turned off on all there videos also funny enough. awesome Kpop band with oldschool BMTH feel
  6. Awesome! now i can sing along in the shower to this without having Johnny Craig's crappy vocals (obviously kidding, lol) that always drowned mine out! I should have my dog howling by the time i get done!
  7. never heard of the band.... saw the cover, instantly thought it was an illustration of oli sykes right before the breakdown in the music video for sempeternal.... lol
  8. pretty absurd to hear they went from drop c (the last i knew "common courtesy" erra) to drop A like that, i never gave bad vibrations much of a chance, so maybe they fiddled around with lower tunings on it... but they mine as well have just gone to 7s if they haven't already....seesh!!
  9. The video for Hurricane is pretty entertaining, Weather they did all that sthuff for the video or not... they still did all that stuff! haha Bury Me In Vegas is still my favorite tho...
  10. why do i think of this whenever i see the cover to th is album.....
  11. Can these guys legally even use the same band name anymore,? Frivk idk why they would even honestly....
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