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  1. This was a huge surprise for me.. as a metal kid turned rapper/pop artist it was absolutely incredible to hear one of the vocalists i loved so much growing up step out of his comfort zone to make something that collides with the world i am now a part of and they all absolutely killed this.. pretty wild
  2. I like a few of his hits but ive never been intrigued enough to peep a full project from him, Maybe ill peep this one
  3. Looks like Elisha Cuthbert on the cover haha
  4. My mom showed me this bands greatest hits and i honestly thought they were a 90's-early 2000's bands and the stuff i was hearing was made in the 80's.. This band was always ahead of their time and from what im hearing on this single they are making music that fits perfectly with todays rock.. Something about this band is just a huge turn on for me.. They have a sound that blows me away everytime considering they started making music when my parents were younger than me and they still sound like a band that would debut today 10/10
  5. I have Soundcloud: and Bandcamp: @BenjaminBurnley
  6. @BenjaminBurnley if i post the lyric video in the comments when it drops can you attach it to the post? @TheHunteraciaStrain yoooooooo that is fuckin perfect dude! haha! how crazy.. This song is about a girl from Georgia i never quite got over lol
  7. @TheHunteraciaStrain ah okay im thinking of someone else haha.. So this says instrumental, Are the vocals on here as well? Im a rapper myself, I havent had a chance to check this out yet but im always looking for collabs and shit! Im dropping my most important single to date this friday!!
  8. @TheHunteraciaStrain dont you do Black Malachite too? i feel like ive seen you around hah
  9. Yo this is so gooood im surprised more people arent all over this!
  10. Oh my godddddddd this is amazing! I have not loved a Periphery song this much since they released P2.. So damn good
  11. I saw that too but then looking at the genre im assuming its strictly the album name inspired by SB
  12. This is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. i wish i knew what they were saying though because this is so good.. J-rock has a super different sound from most other music and i love it.. I need to learn Japanese or something because this shit is superior
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