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  1. The single for this sounds sickkkk all that experimental instrumentation isnt something you hear a whole lot lately.. i expected a generic new york slam hardcore beatdown band but was pleasantly surprised by something completely different.. Great stuff!
  2. This is amazing.. I used to jam Astral Rejection a lot several years ago so the difference are kind of weird for me but still incredible to have this version out in the world regardless.. some classic material from the best era of one of the coolest bands from back in the day
  3. Finallyyyy this shit goes so hard from what i have heard so far.. cant wait to peep the rest
  4. This is extremely good especially Utena
  5. i found out about this album late, i always knew of Saosin because of Seven Years and You're not alone and i dabbled in a few other tracks but then i heard Finding Home and that changed everythinggggg for me.. of course this was like 8 to 10 years ago but i still havent peeped the full album.. not really sure why but im glad im coming to it so late because ill actually be able to take it all in with a full clear mind.. Im pretty excited to hear this thing in full!
  6. man the imagery here is incredible, the instrumental on the single is incredible, but the vocals just arent doing it for me which sucks i hate when bands have soooo much potential and and the vocals come in and kinda ruin the whole thing.. at least thats how it often goes for me! i will definitely be peeping the rest of the album just because of the awesome sights and sounds even though i know ill probably dislike the vocals throughout
  7. I wasnt even interested in this band but the fact that everyone is saying this isnt the actual album makes me want to see if the real album will ever get posted so i can actually check them out lol
  8. This was a huge surprise for me.. as a metal kid turned rapper/pop artist it was absolutely incredible to hear one of the vocalists i loved so much growing up step out of his comfort zone to make something that collides with the world i am now a part of and they all absolutely killed this.. pretty wild
  9. I like a few of his hits but ive never been intrigued enough to peep a full project from him, Maybe ill peep this one
  10. Looks like Elisha Cuthbert on the cover haha
  11. My mom showed me this bands greatest hits and i honestly thought they were a 90's-early 2000's bands and the stuff i was hearing was made in the 80's.. This band was always ahead of their time and from what im hearing on this single they are making music that fits perfectly with todays rock.. Something about this band is just a huge turn on for me.. They have a sound that blows me away everytime considering they started making music when my parents were younger than me and they still sound like a band that would debut today 10/10
  12. I have Soundcloud: and Bandcamp: https://strawberryjellyfish.bandcamp.com/releases @BenjaminBurnley
  13. @BenjaminBurnley if i post the lyric video in the comments when it drops can you attach it to the post? @TheHunteraciaStrain yoooooooo that is fuckin perfect dude! haha! how crazy.. This song is about a girl from Georgia i never quite got over lol
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