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  1. So ready for this these guys blew me away with their debut single
  2. I came here to say that I get a "if Shinedown was metalcore" vibe from these guys but I saw your comment and now feel a better way to describe the vibe that this band gives me is Killswitch Engage but with the vocalist of Shinedown as their clean vocalist
  3. Have you ever noticed how you can always tell the exact type of metal a band is going to be just by the font they use for their logo and what they choose to put on their cover besides what's already in the background? It's always the same generic layout or theme just different specifics Like change the font of "Burning Witches" here to something that kinda looks like angry tree branches and remove the actual image of the band from the cover and this is easily a deathcore album Now change "Burning Witches" to a font that looks like its puked on, add the band again but have them all naked, chained up, covered in blood, and decapitate the vocalist and it's a goregrind/grindcore album
  4. I've been listening to this song for the past 2 hours since I found and i love it so much I've already subscribed to the band on YouTube, followed them on Spotify, and Liked their Facebook page as well and in doing that I've found out their debut EP "Mindfulness" is dropping this Friday and I cannotttttt wait to see what else they have in store! Thanks so much for posting this and allowing me to discover what is more than likely about to be one of my new favorite bands
  5. Why does it feel like this album already dropped or that they have already had a self titled album drop? Is there anyone else in the realm of Fearless, Rise, or Sumerian Records or even just similar to Miss Fortune that has dropped a self titled recently I could be getting confused with? Is this proof of Life being a simulation??
  6. What an absolute fucking banger of an album.. I've known about these guys since Jesse Cash produced their first album (I think?) But never really checked them out until now and if their entire catalog is this good all I can say is I've been missing out
  7. Yeah man couldn't have said it any better myself.. he seems like he could be an incredible vocalist like FFDP could have been something special for this generation like Slipknot was for it's, not to keep comparing the two but you're right he does stuff kinda half assed both lyrically and vocally and it sucks because I've wanted to like the band but its so hard when they drop shit like Jekyll and Hyde where it just sounds like he is yelling "im so god damn mother fuckin pissed right now and I want to punch someone In the mother god damn face" over the phone
  8. Jokes aside my dislike for the sound of the vocals is just my opinion, If you like this band and it makes you feel good in any way then fuck yeah
  9. Honestly this band has great instrumentals most of the time but it's their vocalist that ruins it for me every single time He either sounds like Corey Taylor trying to take a shit that's been stuck inside of him for a week or a pissed off hillbilly that grew up in a ghetto with a terrible education program that led him to crime and now that he has served his 2 years in prison, is a week fresh off probation, and his girlfriend put "his" car in her name he thinks he is a badass And that's just when I get from the sound of his voice after the intro to Jekyll and Hyde I stopped trying to even care about the lyrics
  10. There's a few pretty neat little callback "Easter egg" type things to notice with this release! One being the similarities between the piano melody in the chorus and the melody of the piano break towards the end of Caught Like A Fly and then in the video not only do we see the prom queen from the original album art but also if you pay attention to Ronnie's mouth you can see he actually IS a vampire this time around! I thought at first that the Tim Burton/Sally inspired cover art was kinda random but then I thought about an old interview/tattoo tour type of thing where Jacky talks about his Tim Burton sleeve and that kinda made me feel like maybe the piano solo and the reimagined cover could possibly be tribute/shout out/thank you to Jacky for being what he was for the debut album but that one is just speculation on my part! I'm really not sure what the significance of the prom queen catching on fire in the end of the video is but I may be missing something thereWith all that being said I am absolutely blown away by this not only how incredibly beautiful it is but Ronnie's growth since TDIMIY and also DIYLF he has made some tiny little choices musically and personally over his long career that I've not been a huge fan of but he has never failed to absolutely blow my mind at some point with everything he has done.. Love it
  11. So they released the same album twice but this time with some bonus tracks and it's not even an anniversary addition? So this is a deluxe edition of their besides and rarities album 12 years later..
  12. Wait is that not Andrew WK? I assumed this was his new band
  13. Nostalgia goes HARD me and Shay had a convo this year about the When You Can't series and he said that as a fan of the other tracks I should be proud of this one so I'm excited to check it out Im hearing some Covette vibes but I'm only half way through the album.. loving it so far though!
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