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  1. I've just never seen a download for video posted on KL so I was kinda worried about how I was going to be able to watch this until I can purchase it next month but you came through! Thanks so much for posting it!
  2. Judging by your dislike I think you may have misunderstood my comment That was pure excitement as I had no idea that KL was going to post this I started watching last night and it was instantly amazing, it makes the album even better than it already was as I figured it would Just wanted to clear that up because I see a lot of people hating on this and Melanie in general and I ain't with all that I feel like I waited forever since Crybaby for this and it was so so so worth the wait Melanie is absolutely incredible for putting all of this together
  3. Dude I have no idea what I was on lmao I think the government was triangulating me or sum No but really I think I had been up for like over 48 hours when I posted that and was just being weird on the internet lol
  4. This album is amazing so far man so many different sounds executed so well.. I'm kinda speechless listening to this album not because it's amazing or even terrible I just can't find the words to describe the way this thing is making me feel
  5. I hope the dislikes are because you found my joke unfunny because I was trying to say that this album fuckin bangs
  6. Don Broco has easily become one of if not my favorite band over the past couple of years and I know this is going to bang but something feels so weird about it to me, not about the song or the features or anything like that just the vibe of this release or leak I guess? I can't find this on spotify which is kinda weird too but then again maybe I just have mental issues hahahaha
  7. Damn they should have called this How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum
  8. I listened to this about three times in a row yesterday really trying find something that would make me want to come back for more like Crybaby did but it was hard to find anything really catchy or well structured enough to get stuck in my head but dont get me wrong i think this thing bangs but i just think that its going to play out way better as an artpop musical film than it does as a standalone studio pop album Which seems to be exactly what she was going for or else i dont think she would have made an entire film for it and probably would have released promotional singles instead of snippets of music and film that play out almost as trailers I think what we are really getting here is a feature length artpop musical with an actual plot or ultimate meaning behind it all The "album" itself is just a soundtrack and the film just so happens to come with a physical copy of that soundtrack Thats my assumption at least but i mean i havent seen the film so i could be completely wrong it could just end up being a series of music videos and then in that case we got a pretty good but forgettable album that comes with a bonus music video DVD Regardless im just happy that she is continuing to make art because after the long wait and those false accusations for a minute there i thought she may have been done Ill gladly support her in anything she does as long as she continues to do it This is the part where i realize ive said way to much and should say some witty self aware shit like "thanks for coming to my ted talk" But honestly i absolutely fuckin hate when people do that so if you read all of this Im sorry i made you read all of this lol
  9. Oh helllll yeah Now we just need How It Feels To Be Lost and Hollywood's Bleeding and we can just call today leak day this week haha
  10. The single for this sounds sickkkk all that experimental instrumentation isnt something you hear a whole lot lately.. i expected a generic new york slam hardcore beatdown band but was pleasantly surprised by something completely different.. Great stuff!
  11. This is amazing.. I used to jam Astral Rejection a lot several years ago so the difference are kind of weird for me but still incredible to have this version out in the world regardless.. some classic material from the best era of one of the coolest bands from back in the day
  12. Finallyyyy this shit goes so hard from what i have heard so far.. cant wait to peep the rest
  13. This is extremely good especially Utena
  14. i found out about this album late, i always knew of Saosin because of Seven Years and You're not alone and i dabbled in a few other tracks but then i heard Finding Home and that changed everythinggggg for me.. of course this was like 8 to 10 years ago but i still havent peeped the full album.. not really sure why but im glad im coming to it so late because ill actually be able to take it all in with a full clear mind.. Im pretty excited to hear this thing in full!
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