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  1. Best song they've put out to date, production/mix sounds huge, this is going to be such a good year for music.
  2. This has got to be the most upbeat/summercore style song from Invent and there's nothing wrong with that. They executed it nicely and is a nice break from the typical eerie leads and breakdowns. Really excited to play through the album front to back.
  3. I think this album is going to be one of those slow burns for even hardcore Invent fans. Everchanger was an album that also had to grow on a lot of people because Ben's harsh vocals were not favored by a lot of people early on but the album ended up being one of the favorites. With Marcus stepping in there is digestion that needs to take place because it's removing something you're used to and replacing it with something brand new. To add, I've heard the entire album already and I will say I think a lot of the songs actually have Everchanger vibes/heavy influence, the best songs off this album are absolute bangers and wont be discovered until the full release.
  4. This is probably why Converge is your favorite band lol. *Shrug* To add, technicality is literally a small factor in why something is good but hearing something that doesn't blend in with what every other band is releasing is refreshing for my ears was my point.
  5. It's ok to not like it but saying Vik is an incredibly average vocalist is just inaccurate. The guy has an unbelievable range, can sing, scream, growl, and does it very well. It might not be showcased on this song to your liking but I'd suggest you check out his instagram and look at any of his videos of him singing or recording something. Personally I think this song is great, much better than Cloud Cascade. Guitar technicality and Trey's drumming on it are wild, showcases Marcus's lows very well also.
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