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  1. @fie claussell I had lower expectations after hearing the singles and it still bored me to death, glad you liked it tho
  2. damn, sad to say this bored me to tears. Liked all their other releases quite a lot, but most of these tracks just bleed into each other
  3. @Exsanguination45 yeah bmth is not good now, everything they put out which they want to be “out of the box” but it’s all just cliche pop mixed with corny riffs. Anyone who says otherwise are just stans that will like anything oli is involved in🤡🤡🤡🤡 I was kind of excited for parasite eve because of the hype surrounding it but before the song ended I was 😴😪😴😪
  4. @DIMENSIONAUT IN 3D sounds like you enjoy genericore lmao
  5. @Alexaln I understand that man. For me personally I’m just used to those effects on the vocals. I also think Brendan sounds good enough to where you can use those effects and get away with it. I really enjoy the LP. Will Putney knew what he was doing when he produced it this way
  6. @Alexaln @Gunogland well I suppose powerviolence would be more accurate
  7. @Alexaln it’s a grindcore influence, most bands like END do that to their vocals
  8. @BLEGH Pete is from 100 Demons, wasn’t in Nails
  9. dudes look like such clowns after the one member said all that shit on Twitter, I mean they were already corny as hell but 🤷‍♂️
  10. Northlane, TGI and Loathe? 🤮 mostly generic bands listed here, TGI is basically the Neck Deep of metalcore honestly
  11. I’ve been listening to this band ever since Prophets and I truly think this is some of their best work yet, they absolutely crushed it. I think this is definitely a step up from YNYA
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