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  1. This is so good! If only I could find Exi(s)t somewhere with a live link this song reminds me of that album!
  2. That intro reminds me of the Inspector Gadget theme song so much
  3. This is SO good! Especially the opening track, absolutely mind blowing vocals.
  4. I would love to see more Reggae. Otherwise, I feel this site does a wonderful and balanced job with music genres.
  5. I actually really like the artwork, and love the song title. The song was really impressive and the vocals fit great and I personally thought that the cleans sounded awesome. Looking forward to the new album! Here are the lyrics: your cloud hovers over me oceans of grey blanket the flashing light drawing the curtains closed i forge a shelter yet it drenches me torrential downpour endlessly casting a shade on purity forging a shelter it drenches me so tell me, “do you believe do you believe you can love me?” star gazing under the darkness of my roof. the clouds blot out the pale moonlight “as surely as the sun rises” says the cloud to her moon i know it wasn’t good for me the way the rain showered me lonely did you believe you could love me? the heavens break cloud cascade quench the torch on my own skin so i can stand in her storm tide shifting, earth shakes crashing from the weight of gravity casting a shade on purity forging a shelter it drenches me so tell me, do you believe? do you believe you can love me? water stands on my skin runs my blood cold yet i will never hide stargazing under the darkness of my roof the clouds blot out the pale moonlight “as surely as the sun rises” your cloud hovers over me drawing the curtains closed
  6. Stoked to hear this. Saw them live recently and they put on a great show!
  7. Youngbloods is one of my top 5 albums of all time!
  8. Definitely man, I’ve been listening to it all day, great album.
  9. I used to love these guys back in the day, but lost interest after the last two albums. This new albums slays from beginning to end and is really a solid album. Close to AOTY for me. Never thought I would be saying that.
  10. Disappointing album, honestly it’s not bad it’s just boring, previous albums were great. This is obviously just my opinion, I’m sure others will enjoy the album.
  11. Well, I must say I 100% disagree with everything you just said, but you’re obviously allowed to have your own opinion. It seems to me that it’s possible you haven’t actually been following this band or heard Rory’s vocal abilities outside of what you described. Which makes sense, seeing as you’re not a fan. He has great vocal range and quite honestly it’s shown clearly on this record. The bands songs are written about many different subjects. Yes, some of the songs are about an ex girlfriend, but others describing the struggle of a father with cancer, a mother with an addiction, a loved one in a coma from a car accident, being abandoned and more. Their album Origin is a great example of this, as well as What It Means To Be Defeated. One of the things that has always stood about to me about this band is their ability to get emotion across to me through a mix of both heavy and softer musical elements and their lyrics. I also believe that people that have gone through some or all of the issues that the songs are about have a stronger emotional connection and interest in the band such as myself. Anyways, non of this was in an attempt to convince you to change your mind or actually like the band because it benefits me none, but just some things to think about. The best part about music is if your don’t like it you don’t have to listen to it, as for me, I will continue to love and support this band and I’m absolutely impressed and enjoying this new album.
  12. I was wondering who the female vocalist was also she did such a great job and fit really well on the song with Rory.
  13. My body is ready! This was the second of The 5 albums I’ve been waiting on forever. These dudes go so hard and I love their creativity. Now I will patiently wait for Parting Ways, Counterparts and Kublai Khan tx.
  14. YES! I’ve been waiting so long! I absolutely love it. I’m a bit biased as this is one of my top three favorite brands. Can not wait to see them next month!
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