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  1. Negative. Do you have a band or an album?
  2. That was kind of my point too. So irritating to whine about an interlude.
  3. Lol some of these peoples comments about the instrumental track. You get 5 songs with vocals and one interlude track and you fucking complain about how an interlude is a waste of space. This is what makes artists wanting to do shit so difficult because we try to aim for pleasing people but also staying true to our art and people shit on it regardless like spoiled, fat children that don't get enough to satiate. Do you know how much money goes into making an EP? The production costs alone that artists probably won't see a return on because of streaming services? Imagine not buying a download and whining about the number of songs you didn't pay for. Bunch of fuck sticks. This EP is solid even though I hate the mix. No, I'm not in Volumes. Just another artist that is becoming jaded by shitty consumers.
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