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  1. Their debut was so good, but it had Mike Semesky. This is cool instrumentally but the whole thing just sounds sloppy.
  2. 3rd track is my least favorite for sure but even then it is still cool in its own way.
  3. Not feeling this and I love some Nu Metal
  4. Its a really cool ep, nothing really new but it is done well.
  5. I really enjoy the new songs, look forward to the album.
  6. should have an album out this year if things go as planned, " Selective hearing " was in 2017. They have been releasing new music on a pretty consistent basis since 2008, unfortunate their covers overshadow that like I said above.
  7. I really like their original tunes, unfortunate they get overshadowed by their covers.
  8. This is cool, really good to clean the apartment to.
  9. The singles they released last year plus that " acoustic " The Chase Scene are awesome. This is cool for sure, not as good as those songs though, looking forward to more new songs/album and hopefully sooner than later. I really like that the original singer is back though, was awesome on the ep. Thanks for posting.
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