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  1. 1. Shadow of Intent - Melancholy 2. Brand of Sacrifice - God Hand 3. Enterprise Earth - Luciferous 4. Shrine of Malice - Sheol 5. Through Dreams & Distance - Clarity 6. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 7. As I Lay Dying - Shaped by Fire 8. Angelmaker - Angelmaker 9. Lacuna Coil - Black Anima 10. Capstan - Restless Heart, Keep Running
  2. So good. Dayseeker never disappoints ah ❤️
  3. The Maria Brink influence is strong with this one. *Starts playing The Dream*
  4. No no I want to clear this up. Exotype hired a tour manager and when Rise found out who it was they demanded the band to kick him off the bus in the middle of the dessert. They didn't do it cause they aren't shitty people and then word got out and that's all she wrote. Rise dropped them like hot potatoes wanted nothing to do with exotype anymore cause of some personal beef w some dude. So from a business standpoint too it's absolutely Rise's fault. It's a shame cause the band should've went further
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