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  1. this is fucking awful. like really terrible. i can't believe how terrible this is hahaha. cringefest
  2. i like their sound. hit or miss songs. impressive as a debut. favorite tracks were lost, fathers, and taxi
  3. this song is meh. needs edgier pup. not really catchy either
  4. confused how Daughters came in 4th. i didn't like a single song on that record
  5. although jonny has been ego over soul for nearly a decade now, i'll give this a try. their last LP was strong but these acoustic revisions are usually a miss
  6. feels like too far gone was just a few months ago. the video here sounded pretty good so i'll download once it's 320
  7. @Bored To Death the intro riff sounds like a Doomsday ripoff...then u throw in the blegh and it's signed, sealed, delivered.
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