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  1. you literally said "I hate their politics" in the third post of this thread....and the first post says it makes them want to vote for Trump lol
  2. Honestly so happy this has been getting the love it deserves on here, definitely thought it wouldn't be "hard" enough for most users that post here. This album is just fantastic and I love all of their albums, even their early ones. This just goes balls to the walls off-kilter and I love how much they do on it. Easily one of my favorite albums of the year and might top Dead Throne for me for favorite of theirs.
  3. real talk this is just a really really solid metalcore album. I'm satisfied with this, and this is coming from someone who still unironically heavily enjoys their debut album. And people trying to put The Flood on this pedestal like this cannot match up to in any way, that's a good album for sure but I mean come on lol
  4. I think with Graveyard Shift and now Disguise, they've found a really nice middle ground between older Creatures style and their switch to more industrial with Infamous/Reincarnate. The ones I'm a little unsure about are Legacy, Broadcasting and Catharsis but still nothing terrible. And there are absolute bangers with Headache, Holding Onto Smoke, and the singles. Another Life is I think the track that stands out to me the most, I absolutely love the chorus to it. Another cool album from them, I'm satisfied.
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