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  1. Can't wait for the album to come out, song is so good
  2. I'm a huge fan of KSE and yet I found this rather underwhelming. Still though, at least "The Crownless King" is great
  3. These guys aren't going to be able to escape the BMTH comparisons the same way Greta Van Fleet can't escape being called Led Zeppelin rip-offs still though, great album
  4. Well, turns out that this was another hoax, here's the real album title
  5. A Russian music sight apparently leaked information regarding the new Tool album. The site is well known for leaking album information weeks or even months ahead of release and is incredibly accurate, so it's very likely that this info was true. However, it's also likely that Maynard is trying to fuck with us the same way he did with Lateralus's release so who knows. But for the time being, it's possible this is real. Here's the site for reference (it's in Russian, just fyi): According to the site, the album is slated for an August 30th release date (which we already knew) and will contain 8 tracks. Album title: Chöd Tracklist: 1. The Coward 2. Passage (For Regardie) 3. Invincible 4. I.S.G. 5. Chöd 6. Descending 7. Abyss 8. The Give In / The Dive
  6. "Those guys are one of the most important bands in the Progressive Metal genre" fucking lol but I actually think Spencer is a good vocalist for the most mart (he can be kinda whiny sometimes though) but I just never saw this band as that good in the first place. Not to mention almost every Periphery fan I've come across are usually some of most toxic and immature people I know of.
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