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  1. I have to agree with @Alexaln The albums after Nothing Personal I only liked a few songs but on this one, I enjoy every track but 'Monsters' that track couldve been so much more without Nothing.Nowhere... dont get me wrong I love Nothing.Nowhere but to me it just didnt mix well. Some tracks took my back to the albums SWIR & NP. Definitely AOTY candidate for me.
  2. Damn, had no clue he could sing... kinda has a bluesy vibe.
  3. Amazing album... need to get there other albums.
  4. Just for the record... I see some members post negative shit about some bands I love, I just let it go, why argue or get aggressive towards someone when they dont like a certain band you love or enjoy jamming to... no need for that, so much negative shit already going around in the world..
  5. Damn, this band is still going, hahaha... I remember when they released there debut album... didnt like it
  6. Omg.... I think my brain just exploded... that music video is crazy & I never heard of this band.... gonna take a listen & tap into the unknown.
  7. Glad to hear matt again, amazing EP
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