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  1. Pretty great tune. I got an email from FiXT about them releasing remix stems of tracks from several of their artists. Was really excited, but then saw they want $15 PER SONG for a measly "personal license". Per album I would gladly pay, but look at these prices for SINGLE SONGS!
  2. Edited the very beginning of my post. I personally just don't hear MM vocally. I most certainly hear Orgy. Musically, however I do hear Manson. Especially so in Brand New Numb.
  3. Imo he sounds way, way, WAY more like Jay Gordon from Orgy than he does Marilyn Manson.
  4. I was excited too. Unfortunately there's no "blackgaze" on this album.
  5. Cool. New 311. I REALLY like Don't You Worry even if it's a bit short. Good Feeling I didn't find to be very good.
  6. I guess it doesn't take much these days to be a graphic designer. But about the song, can't stand her Brittney Spears squeaky voice that sounds at times like a person rubbing their hands on a balloon. Sullys part is cool. Too bad Godsmack doesn't make heavier songs like that anymore.
  7. Haven't listened with headphones yet & all I have in that department are a pair of Sennheiser ear buds, because I very rarely listen to music using cans or buds. My current mains are a pair of ELAC Uni-fi UF5's.
  8. Thanks but the original sounds loads better to me. This wasn't only a simple remaster but also completely remixed. This sounds like it was remixed for the worst, to match all of Pelicans other muddy as hell sounding releases. The mids and highs of the original version actually make it one of the better sounding albums of theirs. The new single even sounds extremely muddy. But I guess that's the sound they must like and go for - hence why they didn't like the sound of the original album. They needed to remix the mud back in to sound more like a Pelican release.
  9. Imagine thinking they had an album named From Destiny to Destiny. Now that's a good one.
  10. Horrible as expected. AA didn't do themselves any favors getting him back. The Black was better than FDtD and AA combined. Denis with AA was great. Denis without AA and AA without Denis both stink.
  11. I'm certain a better rip will not provide a better master. One hell of a killer album though regardless.
  12. That response makes no sense to me. Haha. I'd say it's a good combination of both if "jazzy" is what one would like to call it.
  13. Just checked out this album for my first time. Hickory Creek sounded like a Stained song and I was waiting for Jonathan Davis to start singing on Black Bear. Haha. Overall, not really my thing. I like most of the music but I don't care for his vocals.
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