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  1. Yeah. I think we get it. It's just. Well. Comical. But only to the point of a 15 year old boy type of comical. "Hey guys! Look at these brutal lyrics I wrote!!!"
  2. Sounds like a bunch of pigs with lyrics & song titles written by 15 year old boys trying WAY to hard to be "hard".
  3. I dig the musical style, a lot. I just wish there was something more unique going on vocally to make it REALLY stand out.
  4. She's a meh at best without all the makeup. Let me guess, during those years you were like 13-20? 15-22?
  5. With lyrics like that, I'll be waiting for her to prove me wrong that she "ain't no dumb blonde".
  6. Audio quality is horrible. Sounds like my speakers are blown.
  7. Why have people been "waiting for this" or acting so excited? Zero new tracks, same master as the original release. Not that it's a bad album, it's just the same as the 2009 version except an incredibly slight change in volume.
  8. Did anyone check out the Klimt 1918 album(s) I linked to above? Curious to hear opinions from fans of this Astronoid album.
  9. I like that they got away from the more "Interpol-ish" sound of that old stuff. I love me some Interpol, but I don't need two of the same band.
  10. Swallow the Sun. Eff everything else, especially amo.
  11. Outside of a few dB volume change, it's the exact same master.
  12. Haha! I just took 3 shots of Crown and am chugging a couple beers (I'm out of weed for a couple more days) so I can have the full experience by the time it gets to track 3. Opening track is just simply killer. I don't expect any less from the rest.
  13. As others have mentioned, Draconian, Insomnium, and Katatonia. I will add Black Sun Aeon, Daylight Dies, Forest of Shadows, Ghost Brigade, November's Doom, Pantheist, and Satariel. With November's Doom being the most important of the ones I added - but not to discredit the others.
  14. Great stuff right here. Astronoid fans might also dig this double album from Klimt 1918. Although everything they (Klimt 1918) did prior to this doesn't sound the same. https://klimt-1918.bandcamp.com/album/sentimentale-jugend
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