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  1. rigor mortis his best track ever
  2. oh shit, the design of this and last single's covers are similar, making me think it's part of something bigger... album soon? i'm hyped, this is great
  3. honestly this is my (very close) second favorite song from notes so far besides people. may become my favorite of the singles with repeated listens. it's fucking beautiful. guys DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS.
  4. honestly not sure how i feel about this. may take a few listens to warm up to it.
  5. ok so, yeah... THIS SLAPS! just got home so now i can finally give my review! soooo... Drugs & the Internet - great opener, not my favorite single he's put out but a really good track overall! 7.5/10 fuck, i'm lonely - same as D&TI except it's not the opener. 7.5/10 Lonely Eyes - my favorite on the record. the production is sooo fuckin good on this one, and it feels like a prequel to sims in a way. 10/10 Sims - pretty damn amazing single and whenever ari sings "ooh goddamn" it's a nut. 9/10 Believed - a bop. sounds like ed sheeran if he was good. also there's more guitar on this record than i expected so far lmao. 8/10 Billy - some of the best electropop i've heard in a while. also billy is his dog's name which makes it even better. 9/10 Feelings - straightforward sadboi breakup track but he does it extremely well. 8/10 Canada - god DAMN this is an amazing duet... whenever they alternate voices.. i love it sm. 9/10 For Now - good while it's on but not one of my personal favorites. 7/10 Mean It - lauv and lany sound exactly the same. but that just makes it better because their voices are fucking ANGELIC. 8.5/10 Tell My Mama - ehhh, not feeling this one as much. not bad at all tho. 6.5/10 Sweatpants - BIGGGG hopeless romantic energy with this one. there are some lines i think are a bit corny but overall not bad. 7/10 Who - surprisingly pretty great! the bts feature isn't what i was expecting lmao. 8/10 i'm so tired... - hook is kind of annoying, wasn't really into this song when it first dropped but it's not bad, the verses are great! 6.9 (nice)/10 El Tejano - ok ari i love you but... why the fuck did this album need a generic latin pop track? 4/10 Tattoos Together - really sweet bubblegum pop track with one of my favorite choruses on the record. 8.5/10 Changes - instrumental is the slightest bit bland but made up for with fantastic writing. 7.5/10 Sad Forever - really emotional one here. loved it when it first dropped and while it has slightly faded on me with time i still really like it. 8/10 Invisible Things - amazing pop song. definitely in my top 3 for the record, nostalgic banger. 9.5/10 Julia - ARI WHAT THE FUCK WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME ok this song is fucking incredible fuck you 10/10 Modern Loneliness - fantastic way to close the record, love the "we don't know how to come down, down, down down" especially. 9/10 overall rating: 8/10 this is a really long record but it's impressive how consistently great it is.. there are a couple slight misfires but overall it stays focused and is just a really solid debut! Standouts: Lonely Eyes, Julia, Invisible Things, Billy, Modern Loneliness, Sims, Canada Skips: El Tejano, Tell My Mama
  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Will post review later today, I'm hyped!
  7. idk what yall smoking but this song and video is a masterpiece
  8. oh god blackbear is on the album... fuck
  9. god this album is 50 mins long but feels like 3 hours. that says a lot about it...
  10. You guys need to check this out. This is some really damn good indie rock with a very unique vocal style from their frontwoman. One of the best debuts of the year so far.
  11. track 3 is apparently called "Cracked" and not "Untitled", literally NO idea why it was changed or if it was a mistake
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