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  1. oh god blackbear is on the album... fuck
  2. god this album is 50 mins long but feels like 3 hours. that says a lot about it...
  3. You guys need to check this out. This is some really damn good indie rock with a very unique vocal style from their frontwoman. One of the best debuts of the year so far.
  4. track 3 is apparently called "Cracked" and not "Untitled", literally NO idea why it was changed or if it was a mistake
  5. Concrete - 9/10 I Disagree - 8/10 BLOODMONEY - 9.5/10 Anything Like Me - 8.5/10 Fill the Crown - 8/10 Nothing I Need - 6/10 Sit / Stay - 9.5/10 Bite Your Teeth - 9/10 Sick of the Sun - 7/10 Don't Go Outside - 8.5/10
  6. 1. half•alive - Now, Not Yet 2. Highly Suspect - MCID 3. BROCKHAMPTON - GINGER 4. Dorian Electra - Flamboyant 5. Tyler, the Creator - IGOR 6. Wallows - Nothing Happens 7. Harry Styles - Fine Line 8. Badflower - OK, I’M SICK 9. Rex Orange County - Pony 10. Clairo - Immunity
  7. ok cool but i don't remember askin
  8. as you can see, i was pretty hyped for this. they didn't disappoint. different, but great. love it
  9. AOTY. BREAKFAST, TrusT, and ice cold. are phenomenal
  10. not really feeling this one, the really distorted guitars don't really work and it almost sounds like earrape. still hyped for the album as the first two singles were amazing
  11. fucking terrible. this man needs to quit the game. pathetic.
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