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  1. Here is what I meant by heavier, you can definitely get Dans influence properly in this little opener riff -
  2. Not a complete departure. It's the same Zebrahead sound (it has to be), but with more aggression and grit. You won't be able to compare it to any previous album.
  3. It was always up in the air apparently, some of the band didn't like it. That said, this album was finished in June 2017, so they definitely had enough time to mull over names. I may as well tell you the reason for it. "Brain Invaders" was basically chosen as the name due to the heavier stance they are taking with the album. As in it's a big change from their normal stuff, so will fuck with your brain.
  4. Solid track for a single, good harmonies, drums, and I love the rap bop. Classic Zebrahead song with a bit more edge, it's definitely not the hardest on the record, but they don't want to alienate fans straight away.
  5. It wasn't bad, but I don't know if it's just me but sometimes the drumbeats seem off near the end and the starting guitar riff seems off too. Not to mention the guitars in general sound like shit.
  6. Across The Line is also one of my favourite B-Sides, it's so cleverly written... and kinda sad.
  7. I haven't! This was my introduction to Palisades. However, I just saw a Discography go up for them, so I will be checking that out for sure.
  8. You did well with this, it's impressive. Gives a nice starter for people getting into LP... Yes, Starter. As a massive LP fan, I can't even begin to tell you guys how many demos there are out there for various songs, unreleased tracks etc. If you get into LP, you will be saturated with content.
  9. Really dig the new album so will be checking this out for sure. Cheers!
  10. I've never been a BMTH fan, as their music isn't really my thing but my thoughts when listening to this were: Is the song bad? Not really. Does it sound like a generic Pop Song? Yes. Does it have good hooks? Yes Does it remind me of One Last Light (album) by Linkin Park? Yes. Honestly, as soon as this kicked in it reminded me of how Linkin Park went more of the Pop route for their last album. I'm kind of torn on whether I like it or not. If you keep an open mind and just listen to it for what it is, it's not like it's too harsh to listen to, at least for me, but I wouldn't listen to a whole album of this stuff.
  11. A bit late than you guys on this but if it wasn't for this trending, I wouldn't have listened to it. It's been on repeat for the past 3 days for me, it's pretty solid! Would give it a 7.5/10, I probably like 7 or 8 songs off this album. For anyone else like me who was wondering if they would like this album, I would recommend listening to any of these songs first: Vendetta, Erase the Pain and Ghost.
  12. Ha, I had no idea. Now I'm glad I never got round to it.
  13. I though this was a cover band?! Guess I'll take a listen later.
  14. Despite everything, I will miss this band. Thanks for this.
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