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  1. Last 2 songs are fucking fun to listen too. I particularly enjoy the last one. Only weak song is the second one... very repetitive.
  2. Sure. Basically they recorded enough material for 2 albums. Their drummer has said this to me many times. It was up in the air what they'd do, at one point a double album was in talks. Now what they are doing is releasing a collection of EP's (2 minimum) for songs that would have essentially been on "Brain Invaders Pt 2". - Brain Invaders LP= New Album - Brain Invaders Deluxe = New Album + 2 Acoustic singles and 1 B Side. - Wanna Sell Your Soul? EP - 4 B Sides Altogether that gives 7 new songs, one more EP after the one in January will give around 11 new songs, and then they will be available to buy in physical format.
  3. 1st January 2020 - Shock and Awe by the Sea / Zebrahead
  4. I'm really happy with this song, I think it could have made the real tracklisting. Not disappointed with what theses guys have put out this year. The next 2 EP's will have songs from the "Brain Invaders" sessions that was supposed to be on a potential double album. More Info about EP1- "Wanna Sell Your Soul?" is out 14th January: 1)The Perfect Crime 2)Shock and Awe by the Sea 3)Is It Hot in Here? 4)Liars Starting Fires
  5. What's up with the chorus sounding really tinny though? The song lacks bass, not a fan of mix.
  6. For me now I feel like Crystals is my career highlight for them. Their last album was good too but these singles... Out of all 4 this is the best one. I don't have much hope for the album unfortunately and I was stoked at the start.
  7. I would agree on untitled vibes... which I feel odd saying. I think it's because of the lyrical depth and overall composition of songs. A few dark songs too which I love. Untitled is quite an emo(sh) album and I do get those vibes on Nine.
  8. Don't be so sure. The ORIGINAL leak had photos of the guy with the CD in on desk with his online "Tag" or whatever in the file names and also in the photo. Anyway, this album is killer. All the singles are the worst on the album. Everything else is better. I am happy.
  9. Amazing people care about this abuser still.
  10. Clearly talking about since 2011 and the Neighbourhood release.
  11. You know that hes put out more than blink? 2012 - Love Part 2 LP 2014 - The Dream Walker LP 2015 - Demos Odds and Ends 2015 - Of Nightmares EP 2016 - The Dream Walker Demos (26 of them) + Chasing Shadows EP
  12. XD I know I was trying to be Mr Obvious. I haven't listened to any of this but what is the reason behind it?
  13. This song is everything I wanted from Tom. Guitars (yeah blink!!!), good lyrics, nice synths, boppiness. Can't fault the song other than the chorus. I feel like it should ramp up there not slow down. However the rest of the song makes up for it.
  14. *walks backwards slowly* I was listening on VK and it said it was playing Hurricane. CLEARLY WASN'T. I will listen to the real version now XD Edit: real version is good
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