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  1. This is pretty decent, I like it as a whole, can definitely see it in a game. Only thing that brings this song down for me is how the vocals are drowned out throughout the whole thing and its even more prominent during the verse segments, It's hard to make out the mumble singing.
  2. Instrumentally this is pretty interesting to me, lots of interesting layers. Chorus is predictable with back forth male/female vocals that they seem to love to do too much. Sounds heavier and less poppy, seem to have moved the Poppiness into drum beats rather than guitar instrumentals and vocals. Mixed really well too. Lyrics a bit predictable topic wise. This is quite long now. I'm done.
  3. Thank You!!! Very radio friendly however Tom is pretty strong at delivering vocals here. Seems like a mix of LOVE and The Dream Walker. Very interested in the rest now.
  4. Rebel Girl - Angels and Airwaves- 30th April
  5. I don't know how I feel about the song overall but one thing I say with certainty, those guitars sound like shit, they sound so thin and have no punch to them at all, like someone just turned up the High knob on the amps and turned the Low down to 0. I really enjoy Sum 41 normally but I can't see me playing this more than the 2 times I've listened to it already.
  6. God I can't wait for the new Sum 41 song. Heard a leak of it which I assume was from the video shooting.
  7. Should be. They already have another record to go
  8. Think they are cutting down with their new label. These songs were recorded Jan 2017 to June 2017. The Japanese bonus was a request from their new Label to pick a J-Pop artist on that label and cover any song. They finished that around October 2018. Also Japanese release was the 6th March, Worldwide is the 8th. Tower Records Japan had a pre-release sale on the 5th March for anyone who pre-ordered. Hence the "leak" on the 5th.
  9. Way happier with this album than with Walk The Plank. High energy throughout, way better lyrics, all chorus' are bangers, and I love the harder edge. Can definitely see why the singles were singles, they had to play it safe.
  10. I might be completely out the loop of what is deemed good fashion these days but... The fuck are they wearing?! The guy on the left looks like he is basically wearing a Trouser/Shirt onesie, the middle one is having a color picking crisis and the one on the right looks like he is wearing LSD.
  11. came here to say yeehaw to be funny but just realised I am not original
  12. Watch all the hoes come out now. Just watch. thengogetdat
  13. For me the main riff reminded me of a mix of Man Overboard by blink and The Hell Song by Sum 41.
  14. As someone close to the band this is awesome to hear. Hopefully you like the rest too
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