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  1. Should be. They already have another record to go
  2. Think they are cutting down with their new label. These songs were recorded Jan 2017 to June 2017. The Japanese bonus was a request from their new Label to pick a J-Pop artist on that label and cover any song. They finished that around October 2018. Also Japanese release was the 6th March, Worldwide is the 8th. Tower Records Japan had a pre-release sale on the 5th March for anyone who pre-ordered. Hence the "leak" on the 5th.
  3. Way happier with this album than with Walk The Plank. High energy throughout, way better lyrics, all chorus' are bangers, and I love the harder edge. Can definitely see why the singles were singles, they had to play it safe.
  4. I might be completely out the loop of what is deemed good fashion these days but... The fuck are they wearing?! The guy on the left looks like he is basically wearing a Trouser/Shirt onesie, the middle one is having a color picking crisis and the one on the right looks like he is wearing LSD.
  5. came here to say yeehaw to be funny but just realised I am not original
  6. Watch all the hoes come out now. Just watch. thengogetdat
  7. For me the main riff reminded me of a mix of Man Overboard by blink and The Hell Song by Sum 41.
  8. As someone close to the band this is awesome to hear. Hopefully you like the rest too
  9. Me too, I can see why they are holding back on singles, I like both, but they are both sort of Anthem like and whilst that's fun an all for singles, I like the more person girlfriend/relationship songs they do. I feel like we will get that. Ed told me earlier "most of the record is over the top in comparison to our older records... hope people don't trip too much". I told him I think he will be surprised seeing as whenever we hear about Zebrahead, we kinda all know what to expect. So yeah, give me over the top, make me trip.
  10. Heard this last November and told the guys it would be a good single, glad it was actually chosen as one. Quite a different structure to the first single which is nice, everything builds up slowly to the chorus. Just had a chat with the Drummer and he said there are some really heavy songs, heavier than they have ever done, and they are worried about alienating people. Yet those are the songs I can't wait to hear.
  11. Right, so edgy. Pretty sure these guys are known more now for their covers than their actual songs. Can't really deny they just churn covers out.
  12. Probably the fact it isn't a cover song.
  13. Have to agree with this, had no idea who the artist was but thought I'd download anyway and I am pleasantly surprised so far, the instruments/vocal melodies are so good.
  14. Or people just like different things? Now there's a weird thought.
  15. Its exactly what I thought, generic pop stuff with a lack of soul. Meh. I didn't mind medicine which is what I wrote here when that came out, but the whole album is a case of "I don't mind it", which basically means its not worth listening to for me.
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