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  1. I've never liked BMTH as it's not been my kind of music, but after Ludens and Parasite Eve, I decided to give this a go. Not disappointed AT all. Fucking love it.
  2. Hopefully the bonus songs are better than the majority of the actual release. Thanks for the UL.
  3. Isn't this also the name of the Eskimo EP?
  4. Fear No Empire - Revolt - 19th August 2020 This is a side project by members of Zebrahead and Death By Stereo.
  5. Really enjoyed this album, think it's on par with the last.
  6. In what sense was she not before? She is the lead singer and writes most of the main riffs.
  7. Can't lie by saying I'm a bit disappointed in this. I really love everything PVRIS has done prior, even stuff before their debut album, I never minded the shift in direction musically over the years, but... this doesn't have that many memorable songs. I'd say that the songs on the EP they released were the strongest, everything else is a bit meh in comparison which is a shame. I would wager this is because Lynn took over creative direction whilst the other members took a backseat, it didn't work out too well in my opinion. I hope they all get involved equally for the next one.
  8. Tom just posted in a comment on IG that they made this song only 2 weeks ago and had it mixed and mastered for the premier. For a song written in just over a week, still impressed. And it's nice it was done for a COVID charity.
  9. This song was not written as part of the album and was done in a month or so which you can tell. It's not a bad song but you can tell it's not got that normal AVA complexity to it. That said, it has good lyrics and was MADE for people who are having a hard time right now. It's supposed to give them hope and I feel like this song is uplifting and direct enough to do so
  10. Sorry to criticise the artwork but what the hell is that Text? Looks like someone went into Photoshop, left the default text as Times New Roman and just set a drop shadow of just thick blackness. That has to be the most jarring artwork I have ever seen.
  11. All That's Left is Love - Angels and Airwaves 16th April
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