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  1. I've got a quick request for y'all today... Artist: Mick Gordon Album: Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) Link: In 320 please. Thank you guys
  2. The singles they released already is enough to be an ep. They've got like five tracks out already
  3. Are they ever gonna release a new album or are they just gonna release singles every couple years
  4. It's really not a bad song at all. Just please no more evolution for the next record and a lot more Ooh wah ah ah ah!
  5. Can't wait for it. Sevendust just keeps getting better and better with each passing album
  6. Editing them into my library.... gonna be tricky 🤨
  7. Please help me with this new release Slasher Dave's Cannibal Death Gods II: In 320kbps / Stereo format please AKA The best quality you can find. Thank you guys 🙂
  8. @julianmvf who'd a thunk Taylor swift had the ability to do death metal screams like that 🤣
  9. Would it be possible to find the full 2:41 version ?
  10. I need these please... WWE RAW Theme By Cfo$ 320kbps best quality possible. Thank you
  11. I'm here with a tough one for y'all today. Wanted to see if y'all could me this album..... Wolfenstein 3d soundtrack (Reworked) (2019) Link: In 320kbps/Stereo (Best Audio y'all can find) Thank you for your help guys😊
  12. @RockinXander it helps the administrators a lot when you give links for you particular music requests i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp so on and so fourth. It just makes their life easier 🙂👍
  13. You're welcome. I'm glad I was able to help🙂
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