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  1. @Zephyr Sunrise I believe ya. I've seen the same thing elsewhere. Guess they wanted to pad out the new album by adding some older material.
  2. Album is really good 👍. It feels similar to some of their earlier stuff between Karmacode and Broken Crown Halo. But I need to listen a couple more times .
  3. Hellyeah is morphing back into Mudvayne . Their last couple albums sounded more like Mudvayne than Hellyeah
  4. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.
  5. I've had the same problem. Instead of scrolling through the site . It scrolls chatbox . Happened to me just moments ago.
  6. It's the same artwork from last year's ep release. Guess they could find anything else to use.
  7. I'll take my album leaks any way I can get them. Even if it means fighting my way through pop up redirects but it's annoying as f💣💥k.
  8. Some relief is better than no relief at all. I will be giving ad block a test drive very soon👍
  9. Admin, thank you so much!. Just downloaded the app now . Thank you 💖💖💖💖💖
  10. Admin, I wish y'all could do something about the malicious pop ups and redirects on the DBREE . Shit sucks everytime I go to download something there the same damn thing happens
  11. Kinda glad y'all are ditching zippyshare Every frickin time I use zippy I'd get slammed by malicious pop ups and redirects. Good riddance zippyshare 🖐
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