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  1. Tracks 1-6 are Re-Recorded "The Thirty Years War" material they've been teasing/talking about since OK came out and in that time they had a handful new songs. It was originally going to be released as two EP's until they decided it would be a fun concept to marry the releases into a name based off their home town. Literally bridging their teenage efforts/style to their current style like 15 years later. In regards to "new" material, we have new TFOT EP here
  2. I hope they sell this as a banner/poster, I want this.
  3. Very stoked on this, love the mix too! Sunlifter is apparently the first song they wrote for this record and made it onto the record - there's a version of it with Karl from 2014 from the Sunlifter/Like Yesterday [Re-recording] vinyl.....Sunlifter is a great song, very malice like. High hopes for this album 9 tracks only too, quality>quantity hopefully?
  4. WHoa....huge leak, was this recently delayed to August and leaked now or?
  5. Ooo that melody in the tagged nice
  6. OK, 3 minutes into the album preview this might be my favourite thing I've heard in a LONG time
  7. @Jopunk01 Palmetto EP? OH SNAP, its a new EP from February- these guys are nuts! Any chance we can get the Palmetto EP and Cocoa & Christmas EP ? @dewey duck ??
  8. UMMMM!?!?!?!!? Did they release it this early in EmeryLand!? Holy fuck - stoked! Thank you
  9. No problem at all! Thanks !!!
  10. The first 3 songs are incomplete??? Stoked to hear this otherwise!
  11. This is awesome, has that very Mid 2000's sound I love.
  12. Alright, let's do this! 14 year wait complete I still jam Sparta on a regular basis - I know the members/sound have changed by now but I'm certain the character and charm will still be there!
  13. Hmmm - lots of potential here, classic sound. Production works for the style but they should have recorded to a click, the songs rush n drag quite often usually around drum fills...
  14. Had their bandcamp tab open for awhile (catching up on music now haha) forgot why I had it open, but damnit am I glad, THIS EP SLAPS. They're so fucking sick, the breakdown at the end of track one is so bouncy and tight, I love the production too - it's kind of a one up of Veil of Maya - The Common Man's Collapse, with that kick drum that just hits so hard for the breakdowns etc.
  15. Holy...listened to a few songs. This record is fulfilling a need a didn't know I had - I love the beautiful female vocals mixed in there. Gives me From Autumn to Ashes vibes.
  16. I'm confused as well. Looks like this "22" has other recent EP's and albums on Spotify or Apple music, the Limb 1 /2 doesn't appear anywhere there....
  17. I still gotta listen to breathe! (thats my own fault) but dang they're fast!
  18. With the exception of the latest Pressure Cracks EP, that one was excellent.
  19. Jacked that Royal Blood riff pretty obviously... But that Chorus is quirky and weird but I oddly like it ? haha
  20. I've been literally opening KL every half hour when I'm home for the last 2 weeks waiting for this hahaha. Saw it this morning and couldn't listen to it before work, drove the LONG way home so I can listen to this LOUD in its entirety and it was great Between From Nothing and Samsara it was hard to tell where the record was going to go as a whole, definitely a heavier vibe was set though. The Colour Clear just hits so hard emotionally, and that's where they were at that time, and took a risk to make such a vulnerable record and trying all those new elements and IMO was a great success. Would a TCC 2.0 or Exist 2.0 be rad? Nah, it would be forced. Willow is just fucking relentless, but it's a dark moody album that just happens to work so well. There's no sugarcoating, and its their least "melodic" release yet cause they just went off the deep end of exploring the dark, self loathing and hate filled part of us that's hard to focus on for too long sometimes. The production and vibe of the record is so damn consistent and on point, the dark colours of the album art is all I can see in my head while listening - while the colour clear (even at its heavy moments) still has that light airy "clear" sound. I wish I could see them in their hometown in April, but fingers crossed their able to make it back to Canada ASAP. Easily an AOTY contender.
  21. Hahaha, I always called it the Banjo Kazooie breakdown
  22. Holy fuck, this is unreal. Was this recorded at the same time as Arbiter? Can't wait for more details to be unveiled. Ugh I love their guitar tone so much on this/Arbiter. Thanks for posting!
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