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  1. Thank you KL for everything - this was a great community. I can't thank you guys enough for the enormous reaction to us leaking our Debut album back in Dec 2018 As others have suggested, it would be cool if you decided to pass on the torch to others you trust! I've lost count of how many bands I've discovered thanks to KL and have gone on to see them live/support and make one of my favourite bands etc. Thank you See you all on the DIscord 2021
  2. Any update if anyone has the DTGL leak version? I had it forever and somehow...for some reason deleted it from my iTunes 0_0 Scrambling my harddrives for it too
  3. So stoked this album is out! These guys are very awesome and talented, had the pleasure of doing sound for them a few times!
  4. Tracks 1-6 are Re-Recorded "The Thirty Years War" material they've been teasing/talking about since OK came out and in that time they had a handful new songs. It was originally going to be released as two EP's until they decided it would be a fun concept to marry the releases into a name based off their home town. Literally bridging their teenage efforts/style to their current style like 15 years later. In regards to "new" material, we have new TFOT EP here
  5. I hope they sell this as a banner/poster, I want this.
  6. Very stoked on this, love the mix too! Sunlifter is apparently the first song they wrote for this record and made it onto the record - there's a version of it with Karl from 2014 from the Sunlifter/Like Yesterday [Re-recording] vinyl.....Sunlifter is a great song, very malice like. High hopes for this album 9 tracks only too, quality>quantity hopefully?
  7. WHoa....huge leak, was this recently delayed to August and leaked now or?
  8. Ooo that melody in the tagged nice
  9. OK, 3 minutes into the album preview this might be my favourite thing I've heard in a LONG time
  10. @Jopunk01 Palmetto EP? OH SNAP, its a new EP from February- these guys are nuts! Any chance we can get the Palmetto EP and Cocoa & Christmas EP ? @dewey duck ??
  11. UMMMM!?!?!?!!? Did they release it this early in EmeryLand!? Holy fuck - stoked! Thank you
  12. No problem at all! Thanks !!!
  13. The first 3 songs are incomplete??? Stoked to hear this otherwise!
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