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  1. Very stoked on this, love the mix too! Sunlifter is apparently the first song they wrote for this record and made it onto the record - there's a version of it with Karl from 2014 from the Sunlifter/Like Yesterday [Re-recording] vinyl.....Sunlifter is a great song, very malice like. High hopes for this album 9 tracks only too, quality>quantity hopefully?
  2. WHoa....huge leak, was this recently delayed to August and leaked now or?
  3. Ooo that melody in the tagged nice
  4. OK, 3 minutes into the album preview this might be my favourite thing I've heard in a LONG time
  5. @Jopunk01 Palmetto EP? OH SNAP, its a new EP from February- these guys are nuts! Any chance we can get the Palmetto EP and Cocoa & Christmas EP ? @dewey duck ??
  6. UMMMM!?!?!?!!? Did they release it this early in EmeryLand!? Holy fuck - stoked! Thank you
  7. No problem at all! Thanks !!!
  8. The first 3 songs are incomplete??? Stoked to hear this otherwise!
  9. This is awesome, has that very Mid 2000's sound I love.
  10. Alright, let's do this! 14 year wait complete I still jam Sparta on a regular basis - I know the members/sound have changed by now but I'm certain the character and charm will still be there!
  11. Hmmm - lots of potential here, classic sound. Production works for the style but they should have recorded to a click, the songs rush n drag quite often usually around drum fills...
  12. Had their bandcamp tab open for awhile (catching up on music now haha) forgot why I had it open, but damnit am I glad, THIS EP SLAPS. They're so fucking sick, the breakdown at the end of track one is so bouncy and tight, I love the production too - it's kind of a one up of Veil of Maya - The Common Man's Collapse, with that kick drum that just hits so hard for the breakdowns etc.
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