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  1. 1. Perennial 2. Electric Cross 3. Trust Fall 4. Belcarra 5. ???? huehuehue (yet to be released) They all have awesome music videos worth checking out too!
  2. They have one more single (to fill out the colour bar at the bottom of the art work) These 5 songs they recorded can essentially be a second EP. They wanted to experiment with the means of delivering music to fans in this day and age. But with every song they put out people want a album/ep, which is a great response I'd say haha. Beyond that there is no album to announce yet, but they have amazing work ethic and get stuff done fast! (Especially for still being independent) BUT FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW - YESTERDAY THEIR INSTAGRAM WAS HACKED AND DELETED AT 5K FOLLOWERS HELP EM OUT, SPREAD THE WORD and FOLLOW THE NEW PAGE @ SPIRITBOXMUSIC -Fuck yeah this song is ridiculous, can't wait to see the video tomorrow.
  3. Thought I'd mention this here in case there are any of you in the Toronto area mid February! We are hosting our Album Release Party show where we will be playing the full album! Fun little video with details (link to tickets/RSVP in description) Thanks
  4. One of my all time favourites, great upload I'm pretty sure I have all this but I'll download n check in case there's anything higher quality or demos I don't have
  5. Whoa! I hear exactly what you mean! Sounds like singing right off of Hollow Crown! This is awesome !
  6. Are you phrasing this as in something Post RHD/C88 or do you think RHD is a brand new band? If you don't dig this, you might just not dig her writing style. RHD writes as a collective effort so Lauren has a good amount of say in the songs... Really excited for this album n stoked for whatever RHD is up to.
  7. @NightAngel They are, 3DOT, clever use of the 3 dots on the cover too but no infamous P E-One helps a lot of smaller labels with Distribution (funny enough Sumerian back in the day). Used to work in a record store stock room for many years and Koch/E-One usually had the good 'gems' in it from smaller labels etc
  8. Super stoked to check this out! They're incredible live too
  9. This album didn't lose my attention like TTS did on first listen through. I can't deny that the production/mix is great on this. There's a lot of new sounds/territories (for bmth!) they explore here. Some of the electronic stuff is meh and sounds like most EDM pop songs out, then some tracks have much more interesting parts/elements and composition to them. I could go for an EP full of stuff like I Aplogise, Ouch and Fresh Bruises. When they go full pop its cheesy and that's what a lot of pop is, its cheese but people like it and its catchy. I'll revisit TTS out of curiosity eventually. Never been the biggest BMTH fan, but I always can jam Suicide Season and Sempiternal, they never did a 2.0 of any album and you gotta give them kudos for that. EDIT: Watching live clips and their "Deathcore" medley. Oli's vocals are the best they've ever been. It's kind of bizarre. IF they were to go and make a straight heavy few songs/EP it could be great. He still throws it in there on Final Chorus' of Wonderful Life and what not live and just does some interesting stuff overall, like before the main breakdown in Shadow Moses does the high pitch scream like Deftones/The Contortionist....really interesting.
  10. Great upload! I have 2 tracks that aren't included here though. Pride and Humility (Thrill Seeker B-Side IIRC, can't remember when/how I got it) Hit Me Baby One More Time (Was floating around during the Lost Messengers The Outtakes Release era) I can upload if there's interest.
  11. Shameless self plug but a lot of you showed Even the Trees a lot of positivity in our thread hehe.
  12. This is tough, a LOT of good music came out this year. I'm STILL catching up on a lot of it cause I haven't had as much spare time to listen to new stuff but now I do. Here's what I myself was into or listened to the most. I was hardly able to squeeze it into a top 28 (so I'll make it a top 12+honorable mentions) and top 10 EP's + Honorable! Top 12 Albums: 01. .hopesfall. – Arbiter 02. Architects – Holy Hell 03. stoort neer - en glad titel på en sorglig skiva 04. Dance Gavin Dance – Artificial Selection 05. Vein – Errorzone 06. Frontierer – Unloved 07. Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It 08. Emery – Eve 09. Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want 10. Erra – Neon 11. Hail the Sun – Mental Knife 12. Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone Honorable Mentions: 13. Helios – Veriditas 14. Brojob – Talk Shit Get Kissed 15. Greyhaven – Empty Black 16. This Will Destroy You – New Others 1+2 17. Unearth – Extinction(s) 18. Silent Planet – When the End Began 19. Autumn Creatures – Funeral Garden 20. Royal Coda – S/T 21. Black Peaks – All That Divides 22. Cursive – Vitriola 23. Pray for Sound – Waiting Room 24. Tiny Moving Pars – Swell 25. Haken – Vector 26. Ghost Key – See This Through 27. Berried Alive – Bearies Alive 28. Rivers of Nihil – Where Owls Know My Name Top 10 EP's: 01. The Nietzsche – Finals 02. Vile Ones – Teeth 03. Blame – Almanac 04. Nik Mystery – When 05. toe. – Our Latest Number 06. Thomas Erak and the Shoreline – The Whole Story 07. Currents – I Let the Devil In 08. Traitors – Anger Issues 09. Afterparty – On My Way to Hell 10. Bad Rabbits – Mimi Honorable Mentions EP's: AFI - The Missing Man Acrania – Tyrannical Hierarchy, Vol 1 Loathe/Holding Absence – This is as One Zoology – Bloom Capstan – In the Wake of Our Discord Yndi Halda – A Sun Coloured Shaker Slow Bloom – Hex Hex Hex Sloth & Turtle – S/T Delicious Death – Apples to Apples, Crust to Crust Dead American – The Shape of Punk is Dumb Converge – Beautiful Rain Coldharbour – The Herd P.S. : We know releasing an album in December with weeks left in the year makes it hard to squeeze into peoples lists - but honestly thank you Kingdom Leaks for all the love and support you showed toward Even the Trees - Happy New Year!
  13. Words can't properly express how much we appreciate you all lending your ears to us right now and all the feedback is just overwhelming right now. This album had a really long bumpy road to get to where it is today and the response thus far makes everything we overcame to get here worth it ten fold. We poured our hearts and souls into this release and it's beautiful to see it translate For those interested (can be added to main post) digital PDF booklet/lyrics/liner notes Thank You!
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