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  1. Hahaha, it's the singer's brother that does a lot of it when it's the drawn style.
  2. Agreed. While I love ATB to death, BTC was a great song but compared to Collapse or Lost in the Static didn't hit as hard. This song is a little less repetitive and the riffs give me Rareform vibes and the breakdowns are Forging reminiscent - not that they need to recreate old stuff but shows they've always stayed true to their roots Goddamn the more I listen this track is so good. can't wait for the full album - got a vinyl and cd pre-ordered but its not likely to arrive on time so I can't wait to listen to it all asap huehue
  3. I love this band so much. Having a peek at the track list, track 4 gave me a chuckle, Hollowed Out (same as a Even the Trees track haha - I gave TJ a CD in Toronto recently and IIRC he chuckled for a second too reading the tracklist for that reason I bet haha). Loving the guitars in this track! Lots of noodling riffs and fun stuff. They played 'Maybe' live as well and during the living room tour (was a livestream on IG) that song had a HOHW vibe to it. It's interesting having TJ's vocals fully back in the picture but without the SILYAD aggression in the music, but it seems like they tried to make a "rock" record with this one and have some sing along parts etc. Stoked to hear the rest, not too long of a wait now
  4. Yes! This makes me happy, still about to have a listen myself. I love his more poppy side on Nik Mystery (or w/e that project was called) and this seems like the more light hearted songs judging off the previews. Stoked
  5. Holy crap thank you! I got the vinyl pre-ordered and the chances of it arriving on time next Friday are slim so I'm caving, BUT maybe I'll wait for a 320....but also first listen, you don't digest everything anyways...OH the temptation.... We'll get a 320 after today since it's on sale at Swanfest....ooooph
  6. I felt that way on first listen with the music video. Taking in the song and video at the same time is a lot to process. On second listen reading along with the lyrics it felt less hectic. Though I feel like this was a 5 minute song, compressed so tightly to fit in 3:30 exactly. It was executed well but simultaneously makes it pretty jam packed with little breathing room. I loved the name This or the Apocalypse, I knew the one guitarist Rodney was slowly moving on and focusing on his family etc. They had such great dual guitar riffs, BUT much like After the Burial, the one guitarist in this track is definitely holding it down really well. Happy the heavy elements are still there, this feels like it would fit somewhere in the middle of Dead Years. Cannot wait to hear the rest of what they have in store!
  7. Love it, it's a great track and the way Mess opens it is incredible. We'll find out soon if it's an album or what! Remember on DBMII the Perfect/People You Knew 7" is Mattias artwork, and that guy is always making drawings! A good theory is it's a 2 single 7" and the second song is the other half of the artwork. That's all that's off about this one, the image is cut off usually it's all framed nicely for a cover. When they posted stuff from the studio not long ago they weren't there for two long, it seems like a realistic time to pump out 2-4 tracks. But you never know with DGD, we'll see!!
  8. One of my all time favourties! My heart skipped a beat when I read Reissue, but it just merges the EP with the album. All amazing AF songs. Such humble dudes too. Talking to Josh when he was in Classic Case about it, he's so modest haha. Love this record
  9. Hey guys! In case any of you are interested, we have limited edition hats at our merch right now, check it out here, thanks!
  10. 1. Perennial 2. Electric Cross 3. Trust Fall 4. Belcarra 5. ???? huehuehue (yet to be released) They all have awesome music videos worth checking out too!
  11. They have one more single (to fill out the colour bar at the bottom of the art work) These 5 songs they recorded can essentially be a second EP. They wanted to experiment with the means of delivering music to fans in this day and age. But with every song they put out people want a album/ep, which is a great response I'd say haha. Beyond that there is no album to announce yet, but they have amazing work ethic and get stuff done fast! (Especially for still being independent) BUT FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW - YESTERDAY THEIR INSTAGRAM WAS HACKED AND DELETED AT 5K FOLLOWERS HELP EM OUT, SPREAD THE WORD and FOLLOW THE NEW PAGE @ SPIRITBOXMUSIC -Fuck yeah this song is ridiculous, can't wait to see the video tomorrow.
  12. Digging the sound of the first track a lot! Gonna check this out thanks!
  13. Thought I'd mention this here in case there are any of you in the Toronto area mid February! We are hosting our Album Release Party show where we will be playing the full album! Fun little video with details (link to tickets/RSVP in description) Thanks
  14. One of my all time favourites, great upload I'm pretty sure I have all this but I'll download n check in case there's anything higher quality or demos I don't have
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