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  1. Our homies Love this band. CHECK THEM OUT AND SUPPORT !!! (bias aside, they are a excellent very hard working band. They have done a cover of Toe. live that made me love them even more!)
  2. Wow. Track 4 that's linked in the post....blown away 0_0 Edit: yes I got JORD asap along side this!
  3. Digging that single! Stoked to check this out!
  4. Oh boy this is a really change of style for Fallujah....
  5. It's finally time! My merchnow order shipped a few days ago, but I'm not waiting until next week to listen! hahaha
  6. Thank you! This is a fantastic sounding version - I've had some crap mono vinyl rips of this prior that weren't worth listening to at all lol
  7. Scrolled through the first track, I like the variety and style, definitely up my alley I'll check this out! Production is a little rough around the edges but doesn't take away from the experience.
  8. Digging this, the bridge around 2:15 ish in the single is really good!
  9. Holy fuck this is great, but not sure whats better, the music or the cover! Edit: 2:20 in that track, GODDAMN It's like if Seeker and Black Sheep Wall had a baby....
  10. Hot damn, loving the single and video, really good use of strings and what not, stoked to check this out!
  11. One of my all time favourites easily. Getting Suck Out the Poison vibes from these singles and I'm definitely very ok with that! Can we talk about their fucking beautiful guitar tone though!?! God damn. Edit: Whoa... what's with the fade out at 4 min then it comes back in, is the full length of the track much longer? haha, guess we'll find out soon.
  12. Hahaha, it's the singer's brother that does a lot of it when it's the drawn style.
  13. Agreed. While I love ATB to death, BTC was a great song but compared to Collapse or Lost in the Static didn't hit as hard. This song is a little less repetitive and the riffs give me Rareform vibes and the breakdowns are Forging reminiscent - not that they need to recreate old stuff but shows they've always stayed true to their roots Goddamn the more I listen this track is so good. can't wait for the full album - got a vinyl and cd pre-ordered but its not likely to arrive on time so I can't wait to listen to it all asap huehue
  14. I love this band so much. Having a peek at the track list, track 4 gave me a chuckle, Hollowed Out (same as a Even the Trees track haha - I gave TJ a CD in Toronto recently and IIRC he chuckled for a second too reading the tracklist for that reason I bet haha). Loving the guitars in this track! Lots of noodling riffs and fun stuff. They played 'Maybe' live as well and during the living room tour (was a livestream on IG) that song had a HOHW vibe to it. It's interesting having TJ's vocals fully back in the picture but without the SILYAD aggression in the music, but it seems like they tried to make a "rock" record with this one and have some sing along parts etc. Stoked to hear the rest, not too long of a wait now
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