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  1. I'm not crying, you're crying. I'm so happy they took their sweet time with this. THIS MIX, its perfect, its exactly how they should sound. This song...the vocals, everything got better. I'm so happy Stoort Neer happened to tide me over. 4 Minutes onward is "Kaos 2" that sample they randomly put on youtube back in March! UGH yes and that ALBUM ART!
  2. Thank you! This is something a little different but SO sick. I went through tracks 15-17 - at times it sounds like it glitches and skips. Its hard to tell if that's how it's intended to sound or if its the rip? Edit: Track 18 1:06-1:08 and many times soon after that doesn't seem intentional
  3. This album was fucking insane and holy fuck those vocals 0_0
  4. KINGDOM LEAKS FAMILY PROGRESS AVENUE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO IS NOW LIVE ON YOUTUBE Please make sure you follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for all the latest. We have quite a lot planned for the near future. After our show Oct 2nd, opening for Hail the Sun we have some new Merch coming your way too Thank you !
  5. Here we go! Been waiting so long for this and I can't believe it's happening. Then I get to see them live Oct 6th again finally!!
  6. This album is going to get me back in shape lmao - the guest vocal slots! FUCKING STOKED.
  7. KINGDOM LEAKS FRIENDS!!! I wanted to post this for you but I'm glad it got here Anyone who enjoyed Even the Trees' album check them out! THEY ARE FROM TORONTO ALONG SIDE US. We just did a little east coast tour. They played our album release show back in February and now we're playing theirs next Thursday in toronto!!! They are our best friends and brothers from another band haha - for real though, glad you guys are digging it! Similar to us they self produced/recorded. LOTS of talent in this group. Bias aside, this is a contender for AOTY for me as well. I fucking LOVE this album. Keep your eyes peeled for the both of us - we also both would love to come to America soon
  8. We've posted a playthrough of Second Chances and we have another video coming at you this saturday! Check it out here :
  9. Looks like he deleted that tweet? It hurts to see them so sour between each other when they created such incredible music. ALLB saved my damn life and I love them for that. But that much talent in one band would eventually implode hahaha. Stoked to hear No Place instrumental, pretty much heard the others with having the stems from the remix contests
  10. Stoked to check this out! ....does this have anything to do with "Lonemoon" and the EP "whereisluna?"
  11. It's like they never even left! Interesting to see the song writing cater more to committing to a 4 piece (one guitar band) which is the path Worse Than Alone was taking too. The new drummer Micahel Kadnar (SP?) is doing a really good job staying true to the style before him have crafted - definitely looking forward to how he delivers on the rest of the album! Jesse's vocals though, holy fuck he sounds like 5 different people throughout the song and I love it and it adds to the haunting insanity of the music. Production is super tight and clear, and they've kinda had that dialed in super tight since Mongrel really well Fuckin stoked for this album!
  12. Intrigued by the genre tags, the linked track is very cool. Looking forward to giving this a listen on the next long drive I have!
  13. Had high hopes for this album and it damn well met them Uncanny Valley, The Interloper, Skin So Soft mellow you out so good then the end of Skin So Soft kicks you in the fucking teeth. Still don't understand the decision of fading out Boogiewoman like that but overall the sequencing is SO good. Easily one of my AOTY " Time to go, my head is leaving I can't live without it "
  14. Our homies Love this band. CHECK THEM OUT AND SUPPORT !!! (bias aside, they are a excellent very hard working band. They have done a cover of Toe. live that made me love them even more!)
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