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  1. Is this some sort of remix? This was released waaay back, in '95. Bought the vinyl back in the day. A great ep.
  2. I'm happy as fuck right now! Many thanks 967-EVIL
  3. Impressive. Feel like I'm sixteen again. And in a good way, not in the old I-hate-everything-and-I-hope-it-all-fucking-burns-to-the-gound kind of way. Too old for that shit these days.
  4. Really well written songs. More my old-school style of metalcore. Their two other albums are nyp at BC.
  5. Have they released anything before? All I found was canadian punk band and some band with the same name who release an ep called Suffering from Sovereignty. Any ideas?
  6. Makes me think of GoGo Penguin, who are amazing.
  7. Devastating. Been a lover of Rushs' music since I was thirteen years old (now pushing closer and closer to my fifties) and this is so damn sad. I know brain cancer personally and know what it feels like. I know what I'll be playing today. First album I ever heard. "Exit...Stage Left". That's as good a start as any from their amazing releases. RIP
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