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  1. listened to this first time today. best song is dolphin, but i also liked cranked, token (the ending), inner monologue, home free. rather enjoyable listen. glad i smoked for this
  2. album is called Peach Club cuz it's for vaginas
  3. tried but couldn't get into this. not a big metal or prog rock fan and this was too spoken word and like a tool ripoff to find anything worth going back to
  4. thought i didnt know this band...added to itunes only to find the '09 song "To Lose My Life". pretty nice indie/alt rock sound they have. very '05 radio sounding
  5. after the first 4 songs i was astonished this has 15 songs. i mean if the first 4 are that terrible, where to go from there? all in all this is a 0.5/10 with the only song not a 0 being dancing with the devil
  6. january was BMTH > else and it wasn't even close. fever, fidlar, rival sons honorable mentions
  7. this whole political protesting post-hardcore/punk LA thing has gotten stale. feels like letlive side project. overall, i did enjoy burn it, animal, one of us, the innocent. had higher hopes for this
  8. into the red, barefoot in the park, don't miss it
  9. thought this album had legit potential after the single Fathers, but didnt find anything else. Fathers is solid tho
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