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  1. sweet! can't wait to tell my dad and all my friends dads too! best upload of 2020
  2. heard the drummer has real big hands.
  3. “EP” is just about as long as most albums, give or take a minute never change, post-metal. I love you, and I love this
  4. that's just how he sounds man i dunno why you thought his voice would change i'm a big ol on this. listened a couple times to see if it would grow on me, but alas. maybe it'll be better with a full EP behind it
  5. Got a 30 rack of Coors Light and a freshly washed Tapout tee on. im ready for this
  6. The mad lad actually didn’t have it leaked until 8:31pm EST. Bravo my friend for sticking to it SS ain’t been my cup of tea for a long while now but I will give this one a shot. Really enjoyed participating in the chaos of chat
  7. EP of the year 2020. It's Avian season, motherfucker
  8. Solid stuff! Never delved deep into these guys but I am definitely going to add this to my weekend rotation. Shoutout @Summers for reminding me to check these guys out
  9. Doosh got me pumped up. caught myself bobbing my head along with it without even thinking. Definitely give these guys a listen if you want to have some fun
  10. this sure was somethin' calling it now, Hostis Humani Generis AOTY 2020
  11. i'm with you there, thought we got a lil surprise. but this VICTIMS definitely still kicks my god damn teeth in. Hell breakin' loose at 1:15
  12. This is nutty good. Thanks for posting I have no idea how I would've found this earcandy otherwise
  14. tis a cover friend. original is by blackbear, and i recommend checking it out if you get down with hip hop esque shit. this is a run of the mill OLN cover, nothing special, but i dig it. for all the hate they get, it is cool to be able to listen to a popular song with a completely new vibe.
  15. this is not at all what i expected, but 2 or 3 listens later and i really like it. if you can go into this with the mindset of "this is not 90s pearl jam" i think it will be well received
  16. the concept for this music video has me laughing so hard. a girl that thinks she's gonna get suffocated by a bag but nope, gotta sit through this band's new song instead
  17. this is really good and if you don't check it out you don't deserve ears
  18. Double hell yeah. If you didn't check out Solstice 1, you're stupid to not check out Solstice 2. Wicked good
  19. Hell yeah. Chronologist is one of my favorite instrumental bands I found in 2019. Highly recommend everyone check this out
  20. y'all asked for amo 2 to leak did you get what you wanted this holiday season
  21. Gotta say, i really don't understand the hype around these guys. Everything i've heard from them so far is kinda boring, and while this is a step above the rest, it still doesn't quite do it for me.
  22. this broke my heart and put it back together and broke it again. incredible. i am swimming in a pool of tears
  23. Hey all, seems like the snow falling on the site creates an infinite scroll down. you can keep scrolling past the page number bar at the absolute bottom and keep going. i feel like this is something that's happened in the past, but i could be remembering wrong. Thanks for addressing this, and if it doesn't get addressed no big deal since it's only lasting for a month or so.
  24. Looks like it's working fine on my end! Thank you for looking into it so quickly
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