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  1. i am wet from this kayak, jonesin' for my preorder to show up
  2. I dunno how you guessed that considering KL, AW, and Vein all started around 2013, and have all released music that sounded drastically different from their current sounds or what each band sounds like. Different writing styles, different song structures. Educate yourself homie
  3. I don’t think anyone is not enjoying both bands my guy. These two EPs have been my most anticipated of the year, and have been a hot topic on the site. There ain’t nothin’ negative here
  4. Hell the fuck yeah, gonna have this playing right after Dealer. Both EPs are my favorite of this year, but I've gotta go with Dealer. The lyricism is much better IMO
  5. AOTY for sure. Been following Riff Raff since he first Tip Toed in them Jordan’s, and that isn’t even a joke. Legendary man
  6. This isn’t something I’d normally listen to, but the bass alone is enough to keep me coming back. tones
  7. Thornhill is easily one of my top 5 favorite bands. Every release these dudes have put out has been solid and this is no exception. Good shit Good shit Good shit Good shit
  8. Super fucking pumped for this! Recently found these guys and have been bumping their stuff. The other song names in the cover make me moist as heck
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth! Definitely good to see more stuff from Johnny.
  10. tayyub bahi comin' at ya with the hottest release of the decade eventually
  11. throwback and a half. bring back bath salt core
  12. I’ll never get tired of OLN covering songs I will never actually listen to. Solid song
  13. Carrot bottom too good listen! One of my sister's favorite artists, i can't blame her
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