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  1. yowza my dude it's a children's party game, relax lol. i can tell you're a true smasher by your inability to take a joke about it
  2. Playing the second most recent Smash game does not make you an OG Smash fan, I am so sorry to inform you of this It did make me chuckle though
  3. Kinda weird for a band to put out a remix for a song they covered but alright. I hope Denis was alright with this
  4. So excited for this. The two singles they released are hands down my favorite releases of this year
  5. Still not up on Spotify kind of a bummer, I was really liking what I did get to listen to in the 12 hours it was on there
  6. This band should rename itself McDonald’s, because I sure am lovin’ it
  7. Sounds a lot like Ryan Kirby. Really digging this, thanks!
  8. Did they spell their own name wrong on the album cover? hahaha Really grooving to this, thanks!
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