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  1. this is not at all what i expected, but 2 or 3 listens later and i really like it. if you can go into this with the mindset of "this is not 90s pearl jam" i think it will be well received
  2. the concept for this music video has me laughing so hard. a girl that thinks she's gonna get suffocated by a bag but nope, gotta sit through this band's new song instead
  3. this is really good and if you don't check it out you don't deserve ears
  4. Double hell yeah. If you didn't check out Solstice 1, you're stupid to not check out Solstice 2. Wicked good
  5. Hell yeah. Chronologist is one of my favorite instrumental bands I found in 2019. Highly recommend everyone check this out
  6. y'all asked for amo 2 to leak did you get what you wanted this holiday season
  7. Gotta say, i really don't understand the hype around these guys. Everything i've heard from them so far is kinda boring, and while this is a step above the rest, it still doesn't quite do it for me.
  8. this broke my heart and put it back together and broke it again. incredible. i am swimming in a pool of tears
  9. Looks like it's working fine on my end! Thank you for looking into it so quickly
  10. Hey all, seems like the snow falling on the site creates an infinite scroll down. you can keep scrolling past the page number bar at the absolute bottom and keep going. i feel like this is something that's happened in the past, but i could be remembering wrong. Thanks for addressing this, and if it doesn't get addressed no big deal since it's only lasting for a month or so.
  11. their new guitarist is insanely fucking good. he's got his own music under Dal Av and it's very thall and bone crushing. Very excited to see where the band goes as a whole with his addition!
  12. This is really good! Definitely one of the better “math rock” albums that I’ve listened to this year
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