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  1. Wow, they sure did that. I will say though that this would actually be cool if One Last Night's vocalist wasn't included.
  2. I've enjoyed each iteration of this band, but this is definitely the most full they've ever sounded. It's really impressive how much they've progressed over the years.
  3. Is it just me or does the vocalist of Eidola seem to noticebly improve his vocals on every single new release he's a part of?
  4. It's nice to see a band finally do a more unique take on the Swancore sound, I'm looking forward to see how they progress!
  5. It's a pretty solid track for the most part, but that transition (or lack thereof) between the verses and chorus kinda kills it for me.
  6. Their drummer (Ben Rosett) took over control of their social media accounts and made these announcements that the band was ending/going on hiatus without the other two members permissions. So, Kurt and their guitarist are going to have to form under a new name for future releases with a new drummer.
  7. Avril Lavigne & Anthony Green on the same song, what is life right now.
  8. The melodies a bit more repetitive than I'd prefer, but overall it's a really solid single. They did a great job as well of incorporating all of the different aspects that make Pvris who they are as a band!
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