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  1. @tragictactics yessss. They're an offshoot of S&W along with Shreddy Krueger.
  2. As far as buying CDs go; finally finding the Hot Topic edition of their self-titled after nearly 10 years of looking was my peak. So there's that.
  3. Can anyone confirm that it's Lights in the single? I have yet to see any official info on it; and it doesn't really sound like her to me. ?
  4. Wish the vocals were clearer/louder but I love this. Always dig IAA. Sidenote: any word on The Bad Chapter?
  5. Still love this. Seeing the songs performed live is a whole different experience. (They're better live now than before they broke up) the energy is so different. ? Never got the hate that this got. Still don't.
  6. Mehhh. I don't think there was a need for this. Also; I'm surprised a DGD track has so few comments. ?
  7. Discovered these guys a little bit ago. Excited to listen to this! ?
  8. I haven't listened to this specific download yet but these were the Hot Topic bonus tracks for DTBMII... Edit: just listened. Really weird that they would just randomly drop these songs again. ?
  9. The melody in Lightning is top notch. As much as I love DGD I never got into SB, are their any other similar tracks?
  10. Uhoh. I'm actually nervous. That Cancer Bats comparison is pretty soothing though.
  11. Never heard of these guys before last night's show in Philly with The Black Queen. HOLY SHIT. so good. If anyone can recommend similar bands that'd be dope.
  12. Thought that said 'The Bravery" and got super excited.
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