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  1. This is by far the nastiest track they have released. And I believe their shortest as well (not including interlude 10:14). This was a straight to the point, throat bashing jam. Can't wait to see this live
  2. Came here for the Lamb of God cover (ending breakdown is an instant orgasm), stayed for everything else. Enterprise Earth never disappoints, every release is different than the one before.
  3. I agree! I think you could have switched Prophets of Treason for the final track and have been just fine "Be One", "Untitled and Unloved" and "My Obsession" are my top B-sides from them
  4. I donated a dollar for each song. It isn't much but I wanted to help where I could. Plus KsE is my primary source of inspiration as a musician.
  5. I also think it is impressive how well Vik actually goes with the new IA material. Considering that English isn't his first language, that he is able to sound as good as he does while going through all the ranges is great in itself. I'm going into the record with no expectations and allowing Vik to grow onto me.
  6. From beginning to end, this was the first Amity song I have gotten fully into in years. Misery was a big turnoff for me and I nearly gave up on Amity. But this is a welcome comeback.
  7. This album definitely shows some of the flaws when it comes to vocal delivery, but that being said it's also been seven years since their last record. If I could take 7 years off and come up with a no filler banger like this I'd shit rainbows of joy. The different mixes from My Own Grave and the rest of the record are obvious, but I can justify an 8.5 out of 10. A lot of purpose and pain in the lyrics, and the music matches.
  8. As of now the band (or bands) are locked in a legal dispute. The drummer, bassist and percussionist apparently said the singer and two guitarists left, then recruited replacements for the Sangre single. The vocalist and two guitarists claimed they were fired and the drummer (also the band's manager) has sabotaged the band's long term visibility. This story might help:
  9. Does anyone know if there is going to be a bonus track or deluxe edition?
  10. This was not a b-side, to clarify. This is a legit brand new song brother
  11. I can help here. The average attention span of a regular person nowadays is about 8 seconds (shorter than a goldfish), so either he made signs shorter knowing that they would stay in a person's memory longer, or (as he alluded to on Twitter yesterday) he made them short to increase the number of streams on Spotify, inc.
  12. Thank you so much for this! As a fan of old school R&B and soul, this is like hitting the lottery long live the original Pied Piper of R&B
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