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  1. @RockinXander Then it is my duty to declare jihad against you. Allahu akbar.
  2. @prsjunkie I knew I'd see you on this thread lol. Love this track!
  3. Liked this more than I expected, the singles were my least favorite on here
  4. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one
  5. @hamboy23 there's an EP out there, I have it if you can't find it
  6. @FadiNg Nick is just releasing anything as 'new BTE' at this point lol.
  7. @AMNESIK @AMNESIK It's just their singer putting out tracks from time to time. It's not so much a band anymore, and it's a mostly retired project. He still says he's going to put out a fully rerecorded version of the self titled at some point.
  8. @AMNESIK To put this in context, this is a B-side that's almost 9 years old that their singer Nick re-released since it wasn't on Spotify or anything. Not new material.
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