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  1. I was giving this band one more album to prove they were someone I cared enough to follow. For better or worse, I like this! It's no masterpiece but it is fun from start to finish
  2. @DIMENSIONAUT IN 3D Aaron said on insta it's there intentionally as reflection time
  3. @RockinXander Thrasher said they've been making music together since 2018!
  4. @desk I agree! I preferred this vocalist tbh. Nothing against Chad Ruhlig
  5. I didn't expect this to be an AOTY contender for me, but it definitely is! This and the Miss Fortune album surprised me tbh
  6. Haters will say they never progress. I disagree, this is honestly my favorite by them since Happiness! I really want a Will Swan rap album tho lol
  7. @RockinXander Then it is my duty to declare jihad against you. Allahu akbar.
  8. @prsjunkie I knew I'd see you on this thread lol. Love this track!
  9. Liked this more than I expected, the singles were my least favorite on here
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