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  1. @hamboy23 there's an EP out there, I have it if you can't find it
  2. @FadiNg Nick is just releasing anything as 'new BTE' at this point lol.
  3. @AMNESIK @AMNESIK It's just their singer putting out tracks from time to time. It's not so much a band anymore, and it's a mostly retired project. He still says he's going to put out a fully rerecorded version of the self titled at some point.
  4. @AMNESIK To put this in context, this is a B-side that's almost 9 years old that their singer Nick re-released since it wasn't on Spotify or anything. Not new material.
  5. This is misleading, honestly. Back in 2009, their singer Nick quit Before Their Eyes and formed Planet AD, this was their first single. They even re-recorded after he left them to go back to Before Their Eyes. I'm not sure why he couldn't just release an actual new BTE single, but that explains why this song doesn't sound like them, because it isn't.
  6. @Zephyr Sunrise according to his Instagram hes working on a new March ahead album
  7. @Poon Sauce McNasty in general, like specifically live shows. Especially this genre.
  8. I love this band but I've never understood the appeal of live albums
  9. @CityOfTheWeak I've only seen occasional teases from them on Instagram. I don't have my hopes too high for that album ever releasing lol
  10. @CityOfTheWeak that's the other Down & Dirty, the one that got to keep the name lol
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