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  1. Pretty sure this is just a radio single. More promotion or something yada yada. It's a good song, and I'm fully expecting something much heavier than this.
  2. Solid song I'd say a lot better than Madness (which I genuinely enjoyed as an album since I'm a sucker for softer rock which is the majority of the album) and WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN GOSSIP. I just wish they went back to Feel/With Eyes To Hear sound. Needless to say, I'm actually really excited to see what this turns into.
  3. Jesus Christ we complained about this last time they were posted but please, for the more queasy of us (I don't mind this, actually), censor gory backgrounds.
  4. God damn it dude, Jen created one of my favorite albums last year, and I love this just as much. I'm really excited to see what she releases this year, this is really really good.
  5. I'm also here to say these tracknames are the most wonderful things I have seen.
  6. I liked Head Above Water I could deal with Tell Me It's Over What the fuck is this? Did she decide that Hello Kitty didn't give her enough controversy? This is terrible.
  7. Those of you who look at my profile see I like this band. Genuinely am disappointed by this album (compared to the rest of their discography, including Ambitions), but don't hate it. It's a (mostly) good pop record. Here's my take on the album (By the way, we should probably notate that this leaked version is the Japanese, that's the English tracklist) Favorite songs: The Last Time, In The Stars (feat Kiiara), Letting Go, Can't Wait Least Favorite songs: Grow Old Die Young, Giants Eye Of The Storm - 7/10 - Was a bop until they whipped out the t-pain levels of autotune. Other than that, it's different but not bad. Stand Out Fit In - 8/10 - A song that more resembles the band. Very Powerful message, and a song that is an easy listen on the ears. Head High - 7/10 - Nice pop track. Some guitar scattered in the song, uplifting message. Good easy listen. Grow Old Die Young - 4/10 - "I want my cause of death to be amazing sex". I'm sorry, what happened here? Lines like this, and the amount of autotune used in the chorus (which is very repetitive) honestly makes me sad. The only saving grace is the REAL drum work, and the guitar in the background in some portions of the album Push Back - 6.5/10 - Imagine Dragons sounding song, and it'd be a lot lower if it weren't for that drum work in the chorus. Plus, it sounds kind of like a diss towards their American Label, Fueled By Ramen (which we know is terrible as a label and that Ambitions is the heaviest album any band has ever released from them). Wasted Nights - 9/10 - The good version of "Grow Old Die Young". My favorite out of the three singles from this album, huge chorus (including the addition of the choir in the second and third). The guitar work in the prechorus is amazing, one of the most prominent uses of the guitar in the album. Very feel-good, happy song. Change - 8/10 - Absolute bop, follows the huge chorus of Wasted Nights, and it's very catchy. Love the huge range that Taka shows in this song, and the opening riff that is present through a decent portion of the song. Just needs more real instruments... Letting Go - 9.5/10 - Acoustic song. I'm always a fan of softer songs, especially from this band. The guitar riff is a nice catcher for the song. The fake drum beat ruins this from being a complete 10 though, takes away from the mood of the song. Worst in Me - 8/10 - Kind of a repetitive song, and the guitar is very drowned. Very nice drum work though. Nice to hear some bass in it too, since this IS a band, after all. In The Stars (feat Kiiara) - 10/10 - I'll be completely honest, wasn't a big fan of this song at first when the snippet of the first verse and the chorus was released. However, it took some time to grow on me, and grow it most certainly did, even before I heard the full song. Easily the best produced song on the album, with the verses layered in an almost chilling manner (the clicks, atmospheric noise in the background, and the pitched, fading vocals), and in the choruses following the first one, Kiiara and Taka blend so well together (and I was actually kind of pissed at this collab too when I saw it)! Piano intro is lovely, and I love hearing a rawer version of Kiiara, something we didn't even get to hear in "Heavy". Some of the best drum work in the album too (see the prechorus) and the added bass, to add a bonus. Such a chilling song that other than the slight takeaway of the kind of repetitive lyrical content that you can't help but fall in love with it. Another very feel-good song, and it's probably one of the few that'll get added to my playlist when it officially comes out. Giants - 3/10 - Ugh, wannabe Imagine Dragons. Gets super repetitive, and the drums, vocal style, etc. are all just meant to copy an arguably bad style of rock. Can't Wait - 9.5/10 - Lovely pop rock song. The Japanese exclusive, shows off Taka's massive vocal talent, and it isn't overly produced. Drum work in this song is the only one to beat out In The Stars, and it's lovely to hear the guitar in the background. Unforgettable - 10/10 - Well worth the wait to hear the International version exclusive. Amazing drum work, nice to hear what sounds like a flute in the song (it's probably a synth but hey). Acoustic guitar and raw vocals add to this song. You can definitely tell a band is performing this song, and it's very easy on the ears. The Last Time - 11/10 - HOLY SHIT. What a way to end the album. My ONLY complaints with this song is A: Holy shit those notes are way too high to comprehend, B: IT'S TOO SHORT. I love how much this shows off Taka's raw talent, and the song is a banger. Somewhat reminds me of Mind Games Palisades with the alternating drum/guitar leads in the verses. The guitar shines in such a way that it reminds me of a song that could have ended up on Ambitions. Absolutely lovely song to end off the album, just needed to be A LOT longer. Favorite song on the album.
  8. For those curious, Davey Muise (the final singer of Vanna) has released some solo music (though obviously, it is quite different from Vanna), and is in another band as well.
  9. A: your English needs improvement but it's better than some actual native speakers so it's fine too. This song really lacks the impression of a band behind it. "Change" did have some guitar and real drums in it, and "Stand Out Fit In" has the acoustic in the background with some electric worked in there, and also the drums. This song only has a little noticeable guitar and the drums sound like a generated best. But it's still a very huge song vocally, which I like.
  10. Follows formula of any rap beat that you can possibly hear, lyrical content is meh, waaaay too much autotune.
  11. It's a shame that they're still releasing Lil Peep songs - Posthumous releases are a terrible trend Typical rap song anyway, decent though... FOB makes it better than most.
  12. I mean, I'm trying to live over here acting like FBR isn't a terrible label that ruins all their bands, okay? This isn't the worst material to come from any of the label, so..
  13. If you're one of the people who expects your rock bands to remain rock instead of evolve, this album's going to suck. Otherwise, it sounds like it's going to decent.
  14. The album has it's moments, and it's generally enjoyableish. Some of the songs are meh and forgettable, but this will likely be a favorite of mine through the year. The album flowed very well. i apologise if you feel something - 3/10 not my cup of tea, very repetitive and kind of jumbled. MANTRA - 7.5/10 - having been out, it's just gotten old for me since it's a basic rock song. Not bad, not forgettable, but it's just there. nihilist blues - 8/10 - The Grimes feature. Typically not a fan of her, but she pulls the song together, and her voice blends well with Oli. The bass is incredible as is the drumwork. What 30STM should have gone for with America in the dark - 6.5/10 - lower tempo song, not my cup of tea, very forgettable, but excellent usage of guitar. wonderful life - 8.5/10 - I don't like Dani's part or it'd be a 9. Solid song that sounds like it could come from TTS. One of the, if not the heaviest on the album. ouch - 2/10 - That's the sound my ears made when I heard this. In no way my taste, drum work comes across as sloppy to me. Especially coming from wonderful life, it doesn't fit in the album. medicine - 9.5/10 - love the use of drums on this song, as well as ambient guitar. My favorite of the singles. Wonderful vocal performance, and I love that I can tell there's a band behind this song despite it being poppy. sugar honey ice & tea - 9.5/10 - Another TTS sounding song, but it sounds like it had a baby with Maroon 5's "V". Guitar work and drum work is amazing, and the added synths are in total very signature BMTH. Another favorite from the album why you gotta kick me when i'm down? - 7.5/10 - rap is interesting, and the instrumental is great, but it's a fairly forgettable song too. It's just a decent filler for the album. Also why did that electronic outro have to be added? fresh bruises - 10/10 - What a wonderful interlude! Everything perfect here! Probably my favorite from the album. mother tongue - 7.5/10 - This will be a grower, but it's definitely a bit stale, too chorus focused, but damn the drums! heavy metal - 8/10 - actually pretty heavy but it's kinda forgettable i don't know what to say - 7/10 - Not bad, very forgettable for an outro song (which is saddening, since the outro is often mu favorite) Strings, acoustic guitar and the like bring it together, but, it's not something I'll really remember from the album. They could have ended the album in a better manner. 7.3/10 for me. It's not the worst but they could have done so much better for this album.
  15. I'm a fan of the songs currently released. As for why they went a more pop direction is disappointing, but you can tell it's still a band and that's better than 99% of every other band out there who goes pop. I will have to listen before I review, but obviously I'm excited.
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