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  1. As expected, this album was a very enjoyable listen. It's definitely gonna take more time to grow on me than Skinny Dipping, but the rest of the songs were definitely on par with the singles. Best songs: Wavelength, Silk & Satin (WARNING: This song is trap, and may throw some people off. Personally gives me Sleep Token vibes, though), Shh! Like That and DWYW are gonna have to grow on me a tiny bit, but they're not bad.
  2. New album Pink Elephant out August 7th. IN OTHER NEWS, THIS SONG SLAPS. I don't know how they've made all these songs so good, but god damn, I'm glad KL picked up on this band when they did. Also, this song's for those who didn't like "Shh!" or "Wavelength" with the synth. It's closer to "Hate Me (Sometimes)" than those two songs.
  3. I can't be the only person who thinks they're knockoff MCR right? This isn't bad but they're trying to fill the niche they left and I'm not having it.
  4. This was unnecessary. Awful flow from Joyner, cut out the second verse and replaced it with the original's first. This one's a no from me, I'll stick with the original.
  5. Yeah let's just slap some fuckin blink 182 onto this song and it's emo. This is why I have no hope for music
  6. Not sure if I should hate this song cuz the ending redeems it at least.. But I liked Dead Weight more so uh
  7. Quavo on Track 4, Post Malone & Clever on Track 7, Lil Dicky on Track 8, Travis Scott on Track 10, Kehlani on Track 11? (She's featured on the single release, I'd assume she's on the album as well but idk)
  8. Meant to review this a while ago so... Much better than Day Of The Dead, V, and especially the trainwreck that was Psalms. Loving the rap, rock/metal and electronic elements, reminds me a little bit of Linkin Park at times. Favorite songs: Upside Down, Nightmare, Already Dead Least Favorite: Empire, Killin It (I couldn't even finish Empire, it's really bad and should never have been released as a single)
  9. I wouldn't necessarily bother with the first five songs (except Graveyard), but once you get to track 6 and beyond, this album is fucking amazing. Give it a chance, I'm beyond words. Only disappointment is lack of Nightmare. Solid 8/10 of an album even without it. Favorites: More, Finally // beautiful stranger, 3am Least favorites: You should be sad, clementine
  10. I'm late to the party but better late than never. 1 is my top, 10 is my bottom. 1. Sleep Token - Sundowning 2. Thousand Below - Gone In Your Wake 3. Bring Me The Horizon - amo 4. Sleeping With Sirens - How It Feels To Be Lost 5. I Prevail - Trauma 6. Issues - Beautiful Oblivion 7. The Faim - State Of Mind 8. ONE OK ROCK - Eye Of The Storm 9. PVRIS - Hallucinations 10. Chon - Chon Honorable Mentions: Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding Poppy - Choke Bring Me The Horizon - Music To Go To Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project The HU - The Gereg
  11. Well damn, this isn't half bad. Much better than anything off of Five and Psalms
  12. I already posted on this, but the more I listen, the more I love it. AOTY by far for me.
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