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  1. My albums of the year 1. Panic at the disco - pray for the wicked 2. Beartooth - disease 3. As it is - the great depression 4. Twenty one pilots - trench 5. Crossfaith - ex_machina
  2. I love how the guy all the way to the right looks like Jared leto! The band basically gets as much of my time as the joker got screen time in suicide squad
  3. Album art is better than song. Song is still pretty good thougj
  4. Falling In Reverse has a new album in the works. Out March 2019

  5. Wow o.o surprised I like this as much as I did
  6. Alright so I gave it a few more listens, and I actually just went and preordered it. The only song I cannot stand is heavy is the weight due to that god awful rap feature that destroys the song completely. In all honesty the album is surprisingly good if you give it a chance, and just forget they ever did the hollow or sleepwalking. Now that's not to say this album is incredible. But I've been a fan since before marry even joined the band. So I got a soft spot for them. Over it - literally absolutely love this song The old me - mhmm okay Heavy is the weight - damn the good so*rap hits* well fuck Everything else - listenable. Some memorable moments.
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