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  1. Hmmmm do I start? TimmyThick era AILD HYPE BoS comeback But most of it: Chatting with the best guys here and will continue to Discord!!!!!
  2. First of all congrats for the new life and the marriage. I was shocked about this but this is a step forward, a really big step. From my bottom of my heart I wish the best to KL and mR18 who builted this platform and all the KL family who made this site getting at the top!!!! Andrew is my name for anyone who doesn't know it yet. With regards and the best wishes from your one and only F!!!!
  3. A very good and chill song to start your day. #housemusic #lounge
  4. Another great song!!!! Loved their last EP and this is pure magic!!!!!!!
  5. It's ok I suppose, having the screamer from Alazka is a good start of their new chapter. I like it!!
  6. Fk yeeeaahhhhhh!!! So good and solid!!!!!
  7. Well that's experimental!!! Nice!!!
  8. The last 40 seconds where absolutely stunning!!! Just wow!!!
  9. I really liked this song!!! Repeat is ON!!!
  10. I learned the news... So sad that another young person passed away... My condolences to the family. AARON = FRAGILE FIGURES!!!!
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