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  1. The first expression when I saw the post... HOLY FKING SHIT!!!! 🤘
  2. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! New shit hit me so hard!!!!!
  3. Damnnnnnnn!!! It ripped my ears for sure!!!! Amazing!!!!!
  4. Hearing it with high volume in my ears, thats what happened!!!
  5. That gave me a headshot and an earshot especially!!!!!
  6. FINALLYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!
  7. Also For Today, Silent Screams, Sink the Ship, Abandon All Ships, Come The Dawn (2014 version not American Sin), Cold Black, Fear & Wonder, His Statue Falls, Jamies's Elsewhere (first comment haha), old Light Up The Sky, Oceans Red, I Wish We Were Robots, Sienna Skies and more bands. Man these were one of the best!!! Hope to see them really soon!!! I don't know if they were broken or not but it would be awesome.
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