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  1. Just listened through the FLAC and it's edited. Any unedited version out there?
  2. I'm very biased, Silverstein is my favorite band and they just keep getting better and bettter. These songs are great, Dead Reflection was (in my opinion) their best work yet. Thanks for throwing these up! Can't wait to order whatever they put this out as.
  3. He talks about it on his recent episode of Lead Singer Syndrome. From what I remember it was mainly creative differences.
  4. Same here! It's such a roller coaster of a song. One of my favorite they've ever made.
  5. I don't know you and your reviews were spot fucking on and all but... you rated the album a 41.5/80 41.5/80 = .51875 You simplified that to 2.6/5 = .52 .52 - .51875 = .00125 (or 1/800) You GENEROUSLY gave this album 1/800th more credit than it ever deserves. Please don't give it that much undue credit.
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